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All the latest changes made to the Moat Server Network.

Showing 87 changes during November 2018, totaling 565 changed files with 12,477 additions and 10,098 deletions by 1 contributor.

TTT Changelog - November 30th, 2018

8 changes 227 changed files 1627 additions 1201 deletions 1 contributor

  • 11:19 pm UPDATED Lottery and contracts code stuffs
  • 10:06 pm IMPROVED Improve servers_live API
  • 7:33 pm IMPROVED Improve security of our discord lib
  • 4:45 pm FIXED Refix Refix lightsabers and other visual effects on weapons.
  • 3:14 pm FIXED Fix weapon name for equippable other items
  • 7:12 am FIXED Fix power ups not working if an other item was equipped after the last change
  • 4:29 am IMPROVED Improve the weapon name reliability (between clients and server)
  • 12:17 am UPDATED Make the default player model color white in your inventory preview (since it is when u spawn)

TTT Changelog - November 29th, 2018

4 changes 7 changed files 17 additions 13 deletions 1 contributor

  • 11:48 pm FIXED Fix space suit model shine and paint probs
  • 10:03 pm FIXED Fix the lightsaber, titan mp5, and any other weapons from rendering behind things or just incorrectly in general
  • 3:29 pm FIXED Fixed cosmetics not being visible after being painted as of recent
  • 1:42 am FIXED Fix contract stuff, and make some final touches to contract messages

TTT Changelog - November 28th, 2018

14 changes 46 changed files 1336 additions 628 deletions 1 contributor

  • 9:27 pm FIXED Fix a lava round fists script error
  • 9:12 pm ADDED Add new contract messages, a compact, cooler version of the message is shown if you're in the Top 50 players
  • 8:55 pm FIXED Temp fix contracts not loading after my absurd amount of changes just now
  • 8:33 pm ADDED Added /shrug, /tableflip, and /unflip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 8:19 pm FIXED Fix Close Quarters Combat bounty name spelling mistake
  • 8:08 pm IMPROVED Improved the layout of the scoreboard menu, and its the buttons features
    8:08 pm NEW Block and mute buttons on the menu show one or the either now, Block or Unblock, no more guessing needed
  • 8:06 pm UPDATED Updated the design of right click menus, should look at lot nicer
    8:06 pm ADDED Added the mute function (mentioned before) to the scoreboard menu
  • 8:04 pm UPDATED Updated the design of right click menus, should look at lot nicer
    8:04 pm ADDED Added the mute function (mentioned before) to the scoreboard menu
    8:04 pm UPDATED Block and mute buttons on the menu show either Block or Unblock, no more guessing
    8:04 pm IMPROVED Improved the layout of the scoreboard menu
  • 8:00 pm NEW Begin implementation of the new font, starting with right click menus (like scoreboard and inv items)
  • 7:56 pm ADDED Add the new Moat 2.0 font to the servers, to match the new website
  • 7:54 pm UPDATED More custom driven UI elements for the future
  • 7:51 pm UPDATED Make a permanent mute func for all players locally (just mutes someone's voice, not text)
  • 7:50 pm BUFF Increase crash screen join time buffer
  • 8:25 am UPDATED Print stuffs

TTT Changelog - November 27th, 2018

7 changes 70 changed files 750 additions 497 deletions 1 contributor

  • 7:43 pm FIXED Fix SPAS-12 world model going invisible over certain distances
  • 8:07 am NEW Contracts now use a rotational method (rather than choosing one at random), and Rightful Killer is now the contract for every Sunday
  • 6:41 am FIXED Fix cheating bans repeating themselves when banning someone that triggered the anti cheat more than once
  • 6:31 am FIXED Fix tesla effect showing when it's not supposed to
  • 6:00 am FIXED Fixed Boba Fett Model and Chewbacca Model sometimes holding guns incorrectly
  • 5:31 am FIXED Fixed a dozen player models breaking their spines when the player lands from a jump LOL
  • 4:35 am IMPROVED Blocked players no longer show up when posting guns, or any other block bypass for that matter (other than ttt_radio)
    4:35 am FIXED Fixed player name colors being incorrect sometimes on seppuku messages in chat
    4:35 am FIXED Fixed some other rando chat errors

TTT Changelog - November 26th, 2018

3 changes 6 changed files 15 additions 14 deletions 1 contributor

  • 11:22 pm FIXED Fix trouble when trying to remove a paint or texture
  • 5:35 pm FIXED Fix a word spelling error in the meticulous talent description
  • 11:22 am FIXED Fix a cl_loadout round spawn error

TTT Changelog - November 25th, 2018

1 change 7 changed files 221 additions 73 deletions 1 contributor

  • 2:38 pm ADDED Allow developers to easily add new tints, paints, regular textures, and new animated textures

TTT Changelog - November 24th, 2018

13 changes 35 changed files 625 additions 96 deletions 1 contributor

  • 6:08 pm UPDATED Tesla effect no longer can be seen by yourself but can still be seen by others (to not get in ur way)
  • 5:37 pm NEW TNT Tag bomb ball goes 10x faster now
  • 4:12 pm FIXED Fix TTC font errors
  • 4:02 pm FIXED Fix some random talents error
  • 2:54 pm UPDATED Console print stuff
  • 2:37 pm FIXED Fix failed to create font errors
  • 1:46 pm UPDATED Loadout swaps are saved between maps
  • 1:19 pm UPDATED Adjusted sniper scope zooming to use pre smooth FOV adjustment speed
  • 12:51 pm FIXED Fixed detective credit spam on TDM rounds and credit notification on other minigames
  • 12:41 pm NEW The player trade list now automatically refreshes
  • 11:36 am IMPROVED Make scrolling way better
  • 11:25 am UPDATED Trade command works while alive if round is not active
  • 11:07 am NEW Painted and locked items now show if they're painted/locked in loadout and trade icons

TTT Changelog - November 23rd, 2018

2 changes 2 changed files 7 additions 7 deletions 1 contributor

  • 3:41 pm BUFF Buff Sako Accuracy a BIT
  • 3:28 pm BUFF Buff M14A1 Accuracy, Buff M14A1 HS Multiplier, Buff M14A1 Firerate, Nerf M14A1 Mag

TTT Changelog - November 20th, 2018

1 change 2 changed files 4 additions 4 deletions 1 contributor

TTT Changelog - November 19th, 2018

1 change 1 changed file 2 additions 1 deletion 1 contributor

TTT Changelog - November 17th, 2018

3 changes 11 changed files 415 additions 37 deletions 1 contributor

  • 3:01 pm ADDED Added button to change level if you right click your scoreboard name
    3:01 pm FIXED Fixed bouncing effect being clipped
  • 11:24 am NEW Level 100+ is now glowing RAINBOW OMGOMOMGOMGOMG

TTT Changelog - November 15th, 2018

4 changes 6 changed files 54 additions 49 deletions 1 contributor

  • 9:18 pm UPDATED 300 to 150
  • 8:24 pm UPDATED Health boost for players in deathclaw rounds to 300 HP [Testing Gameplay]
  • 6:24 pm HIDDEN This change has been marked as private, so it's hidden.
  • 5:13 pm NEW Change new round message

TTT Changelog - November 13th, 2018

16 changes 109 changed files 6812 additions 6614 deletions 1 contributor

  • 8:18 pm ADDED Lit fov
  • 5:26 pm NERF Nerf the burst belay for the Peacekeeper a bit
  • 5:20 pm IMPROVED Fixerino the final stuff that could cause FPS to eventually lower over time
  • 4:02 pm UPDATED Accidentally pushed something that wasn't supposed to be pushed yet LUL (unrelated)
  • 3:59 pm NEW Smashed the leading FPS bottlenecks - your game should run faster for longer now, seriously
    3:59 pm FIXED Fixed cosmetics showing sometimes when they're really not supposed to
  • 12:52 pm UPDATED Increase Peacekeeper burst delay rate of fire (lots of MATH)
    12:52 pm UPDATED Increase Peacekeeper base damage from 22 to 24
    12:52 pm FIXED Fix a situational Peacekeeper bug
  • 12:35 pm FIXED Fix a cosmetic rendering loadout script error
  • 8:15 am UPDATED Join time optimization
  • 6:47 am HIDDEN This change has been marked as private, so it's hidden.
  • 6:15 am HIDDEN This change has been marked as private, so it's hidden.
  • 6:13 am ADDED Add a backend server interface for new website stuffs
  • 4:21 am FIXED Fix some Peacekeepers not picking up ammo sometimes
  • 1:40 am UPDATED Updated the Ammo Hoarder power-up to give ammo when the round starts, rather than when you spawn (so re-equipping works good)
  • 1:15 am ADDED Added ability to instantly re-equip powerups during preparing while alive
  • 12:46 am IMPROVED Micro-optimizations to cometic rendering
  • 12:29 am FIXED Fix the Flak-28 ghost shot bugerino

TTT Changelog - November 12th, 2018

2 changes 12 changed files 218 additions 203 deletions 1 contributor

  • 11:35 pm IMPROVED Rewrite Peacekeeper burst fire shooting mechanic, it's lit now
    11:35 pm UPDATED Decrease bullet delay for the Peacekepeer from 0.105 to 0.083
    11:35 pm UPDATED Lower the recoil for the Peacekepeer from 0.9 to 0.4
    11:35 pm UPDATED Increase bullet spread for the Peackeeper from 0.01 to 0.03
  • 5:10 pm UPDATED Sterling Silver and Sterling have swapped models (so the name fits more lol)
    5:10 pm FIXED Fixed the Sterlings not playing their reload sounds correctly
    5:10 pm FIXED Fixed some guns shoot sound chopping itself for the owner sometimes

TTT Changelog - November 5th, 2018

7 changes 21 changed files 332 additions 638 deletions 1 contributor

  • 11:57 pm IMPROVED Improve crash screen reliability to actually show itself for real
    11:57 pm UPDATED Crash screen chat is actually fire with bttv emoji support
    11:57 pm NEW Implemented real-time data display for the server picker on the crash screen
  • 11:35 pm UPDATED Workshop resources for Beta TTC server
  • 7:36 pm IMPROVED Boss minigames are like 100x more cool now when you shoot the boss
  • 7:35 pm FIXED Fixed apache suddenly not tracking damage for winning players
  • 7:32 pm ADDED Added setting to toggle damage numbers (Inventory > Settings > HUD > Enable Damage Numbers)
  • 7:30 pm IMPROVED Improved hitreg even more (LOL) for minigame combat
    7:30 pm IMPROVED Damage numbers are more fast, colorful, and so cool looking
    7:30 pm UPDATED Damage numbers are now default enabled
  • 10:30 am IMPROVED Make comp tickets better

TTT Changelog - November 1st, 2018

1 change 3 changed files 42 additions 23 deletions 1 contributor