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  2. Upon reviewing the provided evidence, I have concluded with the following results of the reported event : it seems to be a case of Crossfire. The red TF2 Spy model did start shooting in Hyperion's direction, which then had him retaliate. However, at the last minute, the TF2 model did duck and and thereby killing you instead. Therefore, due to this being a case of Crossfire, no punishment will be given. Locked and moved to archive.
  3. dang that sucks that you have to be overly toxic about it also there are staff online a lot of the time on servers that know what their doing so stop firing shots towards staff you dont even know exist
  4. You were actually not slain for the incident and since the ban was rightful, it will be upheld. I also don't know many people who stop to look directly at another player to 'switch guns and accidentally shoot' then just keep on running like nothing happened. Denied
  5. Ban was rightful, will be upheld Denied
  6. Ban was rightful and will be upheld Denied
  7. God of Errors

    Bodyguard fix

    I've noticed that bodyguard is effectivly only useful for telling when the detective has died. I think the best way to fix this would be to double the amount of health that a bodyguard has after detective death, so 50. That way, instead of taking literally 1-2 shots from almost any gun in the game the bodyguard would be given enough time to feesably provide information about his attacker or even fire off a few pot shots at them. Thank you for your consideration.
  8. Please contact me on discord, Maple#7933 Please post your discord id on this thread when you do so I know who I am talking to
  9. Glock lover's massive kick makes it realativly easy to turn around and get a few shots off on your attacker. And given that most guns don't even give you that, I find that clock lovers are just as good and bad as any other gun.
  10. Today
  11. I believe the initial slay was the correct punishment for this, you were shot, then shot a player one second after being damaged, to me it is illogical to think you purposefully shot the victim with intent to break the rules and the punishment was too harsh. Unbanned
  12. Ban was rightful, will be upheld Denied
  13. Message me on discord, Maple#7933 Please leave a message here with your discord id so I know who I am talking to
  14. Votekick bans cannot be appealed. If you feel like you were unfairly banned, please make a complaint against the player who kicked you. Ban Expired
  15. After having reviewed the evidence and the reported player's response I concluded that : STEAM_0:0:73816584 will be banned for 2 days for Purp RDM x1 2nd offense Locked & Moved to ban requests
  16. After having reviewed both the evidence and the reported player's response I concluded that : STEAM_0:1:46393380 will be banned for 1 day for Purp RDM x1 1st offense Locked & Moved to ban requests
  17. The reported player has been contacted via the forums and has 24 hours to respond with their side of the events.
  18. STEAM_0:0:83507532 will be banned for 2 weeks for Purp RDM x2 3rd offense - the time will be added to his current Purp RDM 2nd offense ban adding up to 365 hours Ban request completed
  19. Caitlin


    Lol thanks for clearing that up I was confused for a minute. I one hundred percent appreciate the staff members for volunteering their free time. I just don't think Moat has enough staff to keep up with the amount of players it gets. It's not fair to the staff because they have way more player complaints than they can handle, and it's frustrating for players because they can't get help when they need it. 💗
  20. As there are two complaint against the same player, I have merged them both for simplicity's sake. The reported player(STEAM_0:1:201724308) has had a comment left on their steam profile and has 24 hours to respond with their side.
  21. Richard G. Obbler (STEAM_0:1:51023541) has been sent a friend request via steam and has 24 hours to accept to respond with their side.
  22. wildmonkei


    The amount of people that could staff the servers for enough time to be considered full time, is extremly low. Thats what i meant by that. The people who are staff are volunteers who put in as much time as they can. Which for an unpaid, underappricated and often frowned upon role is quite generous of the staff members.
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