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  1. Bro I didnt care about my day ban, its moreso the fact people got selectively targetted. Who tf even are you? I'm bringing up the problem of staff not caring all this was going on, but congrats, you got your reddit points in.
  2. No, there were literally staff that were getting pinged that just didn’t wanna get on or were temp playing something else. And besides, nobody that is getting 4+ eggs from a stalker round is gonna report. Just check last night in #new on discord. Complete chaos from the stalker shenanigans.
  3. No I wanted to know why a select few got banned while hundreds of others were ok continuing to do it. It was even pointed out late last night that it was still going on. No staff went on to do anything. Even TLD refused to go on for it.
  4. Yea for some reason, even though countless servers were doing the thing with the stalker, me and like two other guys got banned by papa bear for doing it. I only felt it was unfair cuz it was singling out a few specific people, while others got a simple warning by a higher up staff.
  5. Wait if everyone else got off with a warning why did two others and I get banned for it @Papa Bear @JPH
  6. The thing is, with the exception of maybe Phoenix, no one talent completely cripples the enemy you’re shooting at in a gameplay standpoint. This would be incredibly frustrating to have happen to you, and nobody would want to have no chance of fighting back due to not seeing. Also ppl might just spray and pray, hitting other innos or detectives. -1
  7. The whole point of extinct weapons is that you can't reroll them. Its all or nothing.
  8. In-Game Name of Offender @Osiris, @Superzombie991, and @Punkin Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:158117532 STEAM_0:0:209031403 STEAM_0:1:97891818 Date of Incident 04/02/2020 Report Type Exploiting Your Discord ID Zedigy #1935 Description Through using blinks, these three willingly took advantage of the fact that you can teleport into the bed on dolls, and can shoot people through it while also being protected from being shot back. There's multiple examples in the video of this happening, as well as purp RDM over a blink, and the rounds prior (which I didn't actually get on video cuz it was the start of these events happening) Punkin willingly (as a T) gave a blink to Superzombie (innocent) and super didn't shoot him, so metagaming as well. Evidence Attachments
  9. Hey that makes me look bad 😔, I agreed that even tho the ascended was more expensive, the rarity also had a play in why it was more expensive. I feel the valentines weps are stupid cuz why wouldnt you want the high end MSBS over the ascended? Cheaper rerolls and easier to get.
  10. Your biggest mistake was putting a skin on a golden revolver. On an actual serious note, One of two things could've happened: You unboxed it prior to December 27th, 2019. There was a global server inventory wipe that day. Or, You unboxed it between March 17 and March 26, in which the server inventories were glitched. Moat rolled back people's inventories back to March 17th to get rid of the ridiculously OP glitched guns people had. Hope this helps.
  11. Mine went from to https://imgur.com/a/Y3FOtxS Pls fix
  12. It could continue to link with the inventories, and ppl could test out guns to see if they wanna trade and such
  13. Make a dedicated trade server and trade plaza no cap
  14. I've offered on it multiple times bruh just sell it to me
  15. Now that inventories were set back, honestly even tho a lot of my guns got a lil messed up with talents, its not actually making me play worse or anything. I have yet to come across someone with an actually broken, unfair gun. The ones that had negative RPM and such aren't a thing anymore, and things are much more balanced. I can at least appreciate that moat is sticking by his word of never wiping or doing anything huge with inventories that'll lead to the playerbase leaving. If he can push out a fix to these broken talent guns (Or like my planet pk, which only has 3 talents now) then things'll be back to normal.
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