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  1. 12 damage instead of 8 isn’t really a solution sadly
  2. FYI the only people that say get good in response are people that do it themselves 🙊
  3. Ye, in my experience froghopper simply extends the time you’re in the ceiling/in te air when abusing the crouch jumping shenanigan.
  4. I mean it was moreso just examples, I do understand, it's moreso directed at the smaller models, that should be more in line with the regular ones I suppose.
  5. Zedigy

    Model Hitboxes

    It's yo boi Zeddy back at it again complaining about something else again I feel this doesn't have to be dragged out, so I'll make it short and sweet: Bad models from a gameplay perspective: Bugs Bunny and T-Rex model. Bunny having hitboxes in front of his face as well as the entirety of the ears, and the t-rex having it the worst of all, the neck, head, snout and mohawk all have HEAD hitboxes. Good models from a gameplay perspective: Chell, Cat Woman, Female police model. Easy to understand: They have thin, lanky, and hard to hit hitboxes. Perhaps something could be done to make the models not actually p2w (Even though its technically reversed in this regard)? I know some models are weird such as Bugs which would require such massive ones, but perhaps all the normal models like the female, male, and the sorts can all share a universal male model hitbox to make it so the model doesn't have gameplay advantages? Lemme know whatcha think!
  6. "Why can't I use my 3 tap 38hp sustained beastmode for the contract???"
  7. I can’t help but notice you just got your old planetary m14A1 back
  8. Can’t you just appreciate something new coming into play? I get it’s the summer 2017 event but it gives people something to work for, and now everyone has a chance to earn their own planetary weapon of their choice, excluding the titan weapons. (Since you can unbox those) It takes a lot of dedication to get the planetary needed: crouch kills, headshots with a blue variant, etc. You don’t need to do it, but it’s nice that people can work towards what THEY want
  9. This is by no means to call out or belittle the specific player. It's to show off how janky the hitboxes and the model becomes when utilizing jumping and crouching with froghopper. Even with a high ceiling the model goes into it.
  10. You already can get that, you know
  11. My point still being, a lot of planetaries have to be end round dropped ATM (Non-TE weapons) But the bootifuls were all from a crate series and unboxed. Just the distinction between rarities, one is much less common.
  12. ❤❤❤p because los panchos/rick ross and slog is lowkey busted
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