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  1. Dragonborn and Newton messes with both players' aim equally. From farther away, a lot of guns have disadvantages due to lower accuracy than another gun for example, or accidentally proc'ing newton on a shotgun user may just spell your demise. Neither of these talents completely stop your enemy from being able to fight back, even from afar or closer, they still have the ability to react. I will always -1 talent ideas that suggest a talent that nullifies one's ability to fight back equally. Maximum frustration isn't needed
  2. The reported player has been reached out to and has 24 hours to respond before the report is continued without their reasoning.
  3. The reported individual has been added and has 24 hours to respond before moving on without their input.
  4. There CANNOT be talents that stop people from fighting back, we can't suffer from the stun problem overwatch has lmao
  5. Did you know you could do 24/7 wacky gag rounds with voice_enable 0???
  6. Zedigy


    39-40% swift on a p90. Still pretty ❤❤❤❤ fast reloads.
  7. Zedigy


    This is a perfect example of why it should never go above 100. This is not okay. Meanwhile, the second video of the dual elites with a normal swift % is balanced: its not continuous fire but it greatly helps the smaller mag size on those dual elites. As I said, it was never even meant to stay at 200%, so why even return it to such.
  8. Zedigy


    Even at only 60%, it's still a much faster reload, and at the minimum, it gives a benefit to where you wont be as vulerable to reloads as if not having the talent. It's not OP now but its also not something I see and am like "aww i need to reroll again" I think I compared it to like sustained for example. Even at the worst sustained, it still offers a benefit that isn't just useless, and the best sustained is by far way better than a measly 15hp. I can't say putting swift over anything above 80% is a good idea, as instantaneous reloads, aka continuous fire is kinda nonsense. (Also it was never meant to be/stay at 200% sooo)
  9. Peace sentries were just limited to one per detective.
  10. Just make it like a csgo flash, if you look away the blinding effect is only for like half a second
  11. As long as they cost more to buy than they normally sell for, I'm all in
  12. Then say that. There’s no need for 20 different threads all with single ideas explained in a single sentence. You should specify: If the stalker were to win the round by killing everyone, there’s an X% chance for him to drop an extinct form of the flash bang. You would need to include what model it could use, anything. That’s what I meant, they’re all just really vague ideas. Compile them all into one thread and be descriptive, not vague with details.
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