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  1. I'd agree, but kind of disagree with the application process. I haven't seen a lot of TTT application based servers and can find it being both successful and as well as being a total fail. Most people would not spend their time applying, but at the same time, serious players would also like to have some sort of protection. I only suggest level servers as sort of balancing the pros and cons, as you don't have to apply, but rather level yourself up, and familiarize yourself with the game mode and community to enter said server(s).
  2. Not sure if this was a previous suggestion from before, but I've seen some VIP only servers which is kind of wack to me, because I enjoy playing with everyone. However, I do not appreciate players logging on alts or new players joining in and RDMing. A suggestion I have to prevent this is to have at least one server or two if it gets out of hand, to at least have minimum levels to join. Perhaps have the first one to be a minimum level of 5. Let me know of your opinions pls. EDIT : Didn't know there was a TTT suggestion subforum, asking any Forum Mod(s) to move it to the correction section. https://moat.gg/forums/forum/96-ttt-suggestions/
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