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  1. You wouldnt even need to disguise it as a specific person, just pick T or inno and it will name an already dead individual. If someone notices that they've seen two dead bodies with the same name or knew that someone was proven and see's them as a T.. then the inno's can use that info to try to find out who is T. ex. crybaby was proven by tester, then someone finds a body with crybaby labeled as a T, then they know that if there is DNA on this body it WILL show the T who killed crybaby.
  2. I'm a competitive person and if there isn't anything in a game where I can strive to improve myself the game gets insanely borrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg............. and to the people saying not 50k i kinda agree. Was just setting it as a placeholder really.
  3. I had this idea last night and when I heard that there was new equipment incoming it made me want to post it. It would be cool if the traitors had a tool where when they killed an inno, they could disguise the body as a dead traitor instead of inno, negating the detective from wanting to DNA it. Also they could do the same to a existing traitor body so that the the detective see's it is an Inno with DNA, and ends up killing an inno instead of a T. This would give the T's some tactics to distract the detectives from DNA use. Since the moment you get DNA'd you're basically fked. EDIT: adding something else cause I just thought of it. A bounty where you get (x) amount of rounds played. just ideas.
  4. I think there should be a KDR reset token, or option like there is on the store for adding a title to your name. it could be 50k or something. Cause i was shit when i started but am getting better... stuck with garbage KDR.