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  1. ryanryan79 moat.gg STEAM_0:1:67592181 Will have 1 week to trade back the items. If there are any problems with this then contact me over discord @ ☕TrueDarkLord☕#3589 or comment on here before the end of the week...
  2. HYP3R_YT Moat.gg STEAM_0:0:528631581 Will be permabanned for mass rdm
  3. dude (Dakota) STEAM_0:1:217946140 Will receive an autoslay for accidental rdm for killing off sus/sound/location
  4. UwUcarts STEAM_0:1:536520199 Will be permabanned for mass rdm
  5. Just hold down tab and then hit the mute button on their name... Then you don't need to hear them anymore...
  6. TrueDarkLord


    Staff is just a volunteer position and we all have lives... If you know the rules and play a good amount then feel free to apply and help out... https://moat.gg/community/forms/11-staff-program If you have a problem with what a staff member did then please make a staff complaint and make sure to bring evidence that we can be sure on what happened... For heading to servers what I go off of and would also tell other staff is going to the calls that were oldest to newest but only look at them from 10 minutes ago as the others are long after and probably will have had map change... If you have a problem with a player and they have broken a rule then feel free to gather evidence and make a player complaint on the forums. https://moat.gg/report For the staff team it self, we are trying to get the coverage of servers up and get everything to run well but it will still take a while to build up a team that knows the rules well enough as well as plays a lot...
  7. Katharo Mitroo STEAM_0:0:196681352 Will be banned for 2 days for Purp Rdm*2
  8. iheartyoouu STEAM_0:1:536052312 Will be banned for 1 day for Purp Rdm 1st offence
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