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  1. -1 High lvl players also rdm and the low lvls have to learn from someone how to play properly
  2. Ban Request Completed Purp Rdm 2nd offence
  3. Ban Request Completed Purp Rdm +Leave
  4. Jbeattie99 STEAM_0:1:236455088 Will receive a warning for map exploiting McCreaming STEAM_0:1:488203151 Will receive a warning for Map exploiting 2nd offence as well as 1-week ban For purp rdm 3rd offence.
  5. Since there is no evidence, nothing more can be done. To get evidence you can click f8 to access logs and then screenshot them. Recordings also work.
  6. This sounds like an interesting idea but with the amount of work that would need to go in to make it possible and also then the affect that it will have on the economy and gameplay, I don't think it's a good idea. +New way to use items that are bad. -More ways to get good items. -Large change in the economy by having pieces of items. -Makes better guns more available to everyone. -A guarantee for a gun tier sounds like it's just going to create an influx of better items. Move away from Ic which will most likely have large effects as that is one of the 2 forms of currency that there is right now. If you make it too easy to craft them or get the parts that will then just create an influx of better guns while if it's too expensive to get enough items for it, then people wouldn't like it, nor want to try and work towards it.