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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Dogbite SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:30028117 Which server was this on?: TTT #4 Date of Incident: 08/18/18 Report Reason: Scamming What Happened: Dogbite was trading a person called Esyrus (lvl 7) for a tesla model and he gave a catwoman model for it. After the trade he said that Esyrus is happy with it and hes happy with it, while he basically gained like a crapton of IC. I find this just wrong af cause its not that easy to get IC (atleast for me) Im reporting this guy cause the low level does not understand anything about value of IC and how hard it is to drop a cosmic. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Maple l moat.gg Witnesses: Nothing. Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  2. You are the friendliest person ever plz hug me
  3. Well i find it quite strange how the balloonicorn is not listed as a effect but as a body part.. Like its literally sitting on your shoulder like the money effect would or the M effect. So please consider to make it a effect cause it feels like one.
  4. Somebody offered a other price he wanted to pay (140k) and he wanted it already for a while so yea SOLD
  5. Hey! Im selling a pretty neat Deadeye for a price higher than the C/O! C/O 120K! Gonna sell it to the highest offer after a few days (like 2 days or so) Disclaimer: this price is purely driven of offers and value what someone would want to pay for a gun such like this, please don't hate me ;(
  6. People who kill cause of 'KOS all' are getting banned. No need for this rule at all since it exists already lol.
  7. Yea you could sorta call it that! It more challenging and it requires more time to do it and not just 1 hour on a empty server like 'A team' <3
  8. True, its just a concept tho but you do have quite a bit of tries tho!
  9. darn i said a lot of time a lot ;)
  10. Hey! I would like to revisit a idea i had a good while back.. The idea: So my idea is to add weekly and monthly bounties to the servers! Ones you can complete over a larger amount of time but of course the difficulty is way higher or it just takes more time than the dailies! The weekly bounties would go like this: 'Damage King: You need to deal X amount of damage to innocents over 4 hours.' That would be for example around 10000 damage aka around 100 kills. I get it that you can spawn a Apache but the bounties could then be disabled at that moment. Or: 'Insanity Hoarder: You need to buy X amount of items from the traitor / detective shop.' This bounty would be for a whole week or month and the amount of equipment pieces would be massive like around 500 of them since you are getting a lot of time to do it.. The monthly bounties would be something even harder than that for example: 'No healing! Complete a round as detective or traitor without healing for X amount of rounds.' The rounds would be around 20/40 since you are given a large amount of time. Or: 'Explosion Maniac: Eliminate X Innocents with explosions.' This would be not just the average amount of kills this would be around 150/300 explosion kills since you can get C4 easily and you are getting a lot of time to complete this bounty. Again this is just a example what the challenges could be like, i find them quite difficult to do but its also a lot of fun since you aren't in a rush mode all the time! So the amount of bounties you can complete could be just 3 weekly bounties in a week so that would mean that every server has the same bounties and your data of those bounties would go cross server just like your inventory. (It would be server wide then) Or just 1 weekly bounty for every single server so that would mean that server #1 has Insanity Hoarder and server #2 would have Damage King. With the Monthly bounties it would be just the same one for every server in my opinion cause otherwise every server would be a grind-fest. (my opinion ;-;) The rewards would be significantly higher than usual since you are doing harder objectives! Welp this was my idea i tweaked it a little and i made it a bit more clear what it really is, i hope that you guys also like this concept of mine <3
  11. Okay so what i get from your idea: Your first idea would make that weapon pretty much like a deadeye without silencer and scope right? and your second idea would make the weapon just a worse version of the FAL cause 25 damage and a rpm of 400 is not at all better than the fal even when it has a headshot multiplier of 2.5x So what i thought about is making those two ideas two different modes. You have the first mode which does great damage but it has 100 rpm with a ok headshot multiplier (like around 1.5x) with good accuracy and range. The second mode would be a higher rpm like around 500rpm and it does less damage than the first mode with less accuracy but still good range making it a automatic rifle it has also a better headshot multiplier (2.0x/2.5x) This is my idea about this possible change to the weapon (it deserves some more love <3)
  12. To spice this place up a bit.. here is some salt .
  13. Hey! I'm putting this in the auction house for people to buy ;) The current / starting price of this Mutator is 200k IC. Minimum IC you can bid is 5k and max bid is just anything above 5k <3 Good luck and have fun! (Changed the title cause shiny can complain about anything tbh lul, oh by the way why tf are ya lookin for here? lawl)
  14. Hey! I had a pretty cool idea about making guns look a bit more.. spicy. So i thought about a new way to reward players in cool ways.. so i thought about cosmetics and i then i thought about weapons and how you can make them cooler! I know there's already paints and tints but the weapons itself do not change model so i thought maybe about different models for the weapons but how do you get them? Well that's what i thought about next! So you have the normal crates.. Paints crates.. titan crates.. 50/50's and all of that good stuff and crates for cosmetic items only (Urban/Cosmetic/Model) And so my idea is a crate with guns only but not just any guns.. Gun models! So you have the normal rarity of guns like worn and ugly (well at least most of em) and you go higher up the rarity and you get neat looking guns with maybe animation effects or particle effects! Maybe a other idea is a second tab at the shop where there are a ton of different kind of crates with different kind of styles! Like a summer skin crate or a golden crate which is very expensive but gives most of the times a really nice skin like for example a Golden Deagle with a wooden grip with some nice black finish! Welp this was my idea.. it was probably already posted but i mostly post my stuff just without really looking up stuff so i can just blast all my ideas in posts :3 Thanks for looking! <3