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  1. But there’s nothing stopping the normal players from doing the same. It’s the people’s choice to rush into a room with a single doorway. I don’t know I just don’t see the problem when you guys can do the exact same but when everyone rushes in one by one, you’re like the pikachu surprised face when there’s 5 people left alive and the boss has 5k hp left.
  2. You can type inspect into console to view the stats of the gun and tilt it to the side. Bind (key) “inspect” in console will be a binded key to inspect a weapon
  3. Keep in mind you’re directing all this at me, even though I have no hand in the updates/crates. The bottom line is that type of weapon, that is a pink tier, has way too many good qualities and too little downsides to be balanced around a pink-tier weapon. Guns in the past have been super overpowered and then got nerfed, instantly dropping their price. Did it matter if someone spent hundreds of thousands of IC rerolling it for good outcomes? No. Rapids weren’t very contested due to it being easier for lower level players/easier to get by crates but overall, the upsides outweighs the downsides too much. Too much for a pink tier weapon. I agree the new crates are absolute nonsense after seeing the stats and talents associated with them. But if the rapids were nerfed separately from this horrible balancing Valentine’s Day update, I still feel, a pink tier weapon this easily obtainable should be balanced out with its positives. Now, onto a more personal note, imagine getting this livid over a video game server’s virtual weapons. You’ll continue playing on here and nobody is stopping you from still using the rapids or using something else. Please remove the stick from your red, chapped ass already and calm down, the reason the forums exist is that everyone can have their own opinion, and someone especially like you have zero standing to tell me I can’t have that. Your biases are strong, and while I understand why, it doesn’t mean to throw a hissy fit over virtual items. Grow up, you troglodyte. Learn to have a conversation.
  4. You’re letting your anger and own bias about this show in your aggressive response. Instead of thinking about how you, on your own accord, chose to buy those yourself, think about their places in terms of this hierarchy of the weapon tiers for moat. I didn’t know about the new update with these new weapons, so this take of mine is just kinda based on the idea of the current system without Valentine’s Day stuff.
  5. In my opinion since rapids are a pink, they deserve to not be as good as some of the cosmics and ascendeds because pinks are much easier to obtain. Also, high end mutators work on them too. If you have a higher rate of fire, it should make sense to take more bullets to kill to compensate. It’s probably a non popular opinion, I know, but people that ran around with rapid trigger guns seemed to kill way too fast for a pink-level gun. Now due to less damage, it’ll take a few more bullets to kill, making large sprees with more than 2 people harder, which I feel is fair enough. It still will out DPS most in close range anyways if it has trigger especially
  6. isnt the vss just a better m14a1 at this point?
  7. In-Game Name of Offender Doggo Moffo -=Moat.GG=- Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:191309668 Date of Incident 02/07/2020 Report Type Impersonation Your Discord ID Description The new player, alihachem2005, had recently dropped a Warriochi I believe. I added him because I checked his profile and he already had some higher level people from moat adding him. The user Doggo Moffo, a high level individual, added this new player and continued to lie, in an attempt for the new player to believe he was a developer of the servers and to possibly give up the weapon in their own DMs. Here are the chat logs. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/fDnzhEB All of the screenshots, in order, including the original convo I had with the person, just to make sure people know I wasn't attempting shady stuff either. Attachments