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  1. that's how moat has always been man, the only impact that these mutators had on the community was it made a bunch of bad or meh planetaries better lol
  2. It was a good place for discussion, I think the problem was that alot of people got used to spamming their ads in there and just didn't see JPH's pinned message. If he had said something about it in announcements or just asked staff to look there a bit more often this could have been avoided. Bring it back. +1
  3. a ♥♥♥ rolled m4 requires you to hit someone's head twice before they do the same, a slog requires you to have a functioning pc and a mouse that can click lol
  4. a shotgun's only weakness is that it's ineffective outside of long range, so why would you create a shotgun that is effective at any range because it has zero damage falloff or cone?
  5. The SLOG is way too accurate lol, the gun is supposed to be a shotgun yet as long as the gun has an accuracy bar all the pellets hit the exact same spot, meaning you can one tap at basically any range that plus the fact that this gun has LITERALLY ZERO falloff damage (meepen smokin crack when he added this one :D) and each pellet can proc tier 3 talents AND los panchos/rick ross (which btw doesn't leave any dna!) makes this gun EXTREMELY fun to play against nerf ty
  6. prox mines are fine, if you complain about them you're either a low level or can't aim so you spend the entire round camping the det room lol
  7. Manhacks and the turret thing (the mac10 on a stick) need heavy nerfs. Manhacks need to be max ONE per traitor, as they're way too easy to spam, causing lag and annoying sounds along with being extremely annoying to deal with as innocents if you find yourself surrounded by 200 manhacks. As for the turret, please just straight up remove it or make it die in one bullet. It does so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ damage for how hard it is to kill (most of the time you have to explode them, like wtf? that's just asking for innocents to randomly die to an explosion because that's the only way you can destroy it sometimes lol)
  8. jesus ♥♥♥♥ bro, how much sleep have you gotten in the past few days amazing guide lmao
  9. why not just make it something like: Upon killing a player with this weapon, you steal 50-100% of their offhand ammo, converted to this weapon's ammo type. So if you kill someone who has 150 offhand ammo for their ak and you have an m16, you'll get 150 offhand ammo for your m16.
  10. hey i recognize some of those guns cool guide, good for beginners +1
  11. Dolph1n

    Revert Adren

    yeah so basically ever since ling decided that adren needed to be changed (for some asinine reason) the talent has become a worse version of center mass lol please revert adren so each new stack refreshes the timer of all other stacks (and subsequently nerf adren to its old timer which i can't find so hopefully an og remembers or has a screenshot)
  12. The game doesn't let you submit a gun name if it includes non-english characters, try copy pasting 안녕 in and see for yourself I don't really see anything negative about this other than it would be easier for people to sneak inappropriate names but our community is so large that it probably won't be that big of an issue, there's probably a handful of players who can read korean 🙂
  13. i play moat so i can bhop around the map at 1000mph with my 1k rpm ak47 headshotting people and making them ragequit faster than my ex in bed, please keep this ♥♥♥♥ to ttc thanks
  14. get this ♥♥♥♥ out my games bro, ♥♥♥♥ jester
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