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  1. Hateful conduct is/was too broad of a rule, but there should be a line drawn for when people are being too excessive. My issue with MG is that the rules are awful for TTT, if it didn't have the inventory/gun system it would just be another run of the mill crappy TTT server, but having that combined with the current rules just make the game totally boring and encourage toxicity/crying. Half the time you kill a traitor you get instantly reported with some whiny reason and they refuse to forgive even if you give a legit reason. Couple of times this ended up in me being slain anyway a year or so ago because they just believe the other person's word (For example killing someone after KOS called on mic then being reported and slain for it), and even though 'false reporting' is/was against the rules there was never any punishment for people blatantly false reporting constantly every time they died. The excessive nannying and rules are just stupid considering the rounds last like 3 minutes, the fact that innocents are so restricted and pretty much the only time you are allowed to kill someone is if you literally see them shoot someone else combined with powerful guns means every round just ends up being traitors running and gunning because using any sort of logic is banned. I'm not saying it should be a free for all deathmatch but the rules are just way too restrictive to the point that most of the time I hesitate or just don't bother shooting obvious traitors doing traitor things because even though killing them in the situation would probably be within the rules it's not worth having to reply to a low effort report and then have someone sitting trying to decide if it was OK or not and possibly even being punished for it. It just creates a toxic environment where everyone is a victim, mistakes (Which are meant to be part of the gamemode/the reason for karma) are not allowed and you have to sit and listen to people screeching about RDM most of the session.
  2. Yeah I have noticed there are a select few people who play that seriously abuse crouching mid air, as in when they are on the server they are permanently spamming it every round all round making their model constantly jank out and fly all over the place. It's extremely obnoxious/unfun to play against and in my eyes exploiting. The vast majority of people don't so imo it doesn't even need to be some fancy system coded that will inconvenience normal people, it just needs to be a rule that excessively doing it and intentionally doing it during fights to make yourself hard to hit is exploiting/punishable.
  3. When I created my own bespoke store/leveling system a few years ago for TTT I came up with a scoring/multiplier system for determining round rewards for players. Basically actions that I deemed more difficult or skillful rewarded higher currency on top of a standard kill whereas actions that were low risk/'unskillful' had reduced multipliers. For example killing a dude might give XYZ points as a base, then you get extra on top for things like headshot, distance kill, ending streaks, having DNA etc. Weapons/tools that get a low use rate have increased multipliers as well as things like goomba stomping or melee kills. Then on the flipside things like C4, any kind of automated mines, in this case pigeon bombs and such would give reduced amounts to make up for the ease. This would probably be an unpopular suggestion but could even be also tied into weapon tier/level so if you are using some ridiculous high level gun you have drastically reduced gain to compensate. It's a fun system to come up with and it didn't really change the way people played the game but rewarded those who wanted to seize opportunities to score more points at a risk. At the end of a round it'd give you a points breakdown of what weighed into your points calculations for kills and the data collected for this purpose also was saved for use in the leaderboard/stats system
  4. The high end item reward has seemingly been in for so long that its just become normal, seems really weird to just remove it like that with no alternative considering doing so has probably cut the amount of IC at least VIPs can earn from bounties by 60-70% with no way to replace it, that isn't exactly a healthy thing to do in such a kneejerk fashion and I highly doubt item prices are going to change at all to compensate as decon value is the minimum an item will go for. This pretty much. Also most of the bounties you NEED to specifically go out of your way to do them and its so obvious when a certain bounty is on a server (Steps = both Ts and innos hiding and jumping every round, explosion = constant jihads, pidgeons and C4 (Had an airbus map with no explosion bounty and not a single jihad, C4 or banana bomb went off whole map), HP station = detectives hiding to do this themselves or innocents harassing detectives constantly to put one down, equipment buying = people dumping 10 C4 in a corner every round) Also the return on a lot of bounties was pretty garbage even with the high end item considering a lot of bounties are heavily reliant on luck (Last T alive most kills, no T buddies dying, people grouping for explosions) or they take excessive amounts of time to complete some of which you can even work out the return on (18 knife kills on a full server would take average 5-6 hours depending on map length for ~3500ic) It is easy to say that people should be playing for the fun of TTT and not the IC/etc but for a lot of people that's a big draw to the server and part of what makes it fun/makes the fun last because there is some sense of progression over time and you can get invested in it. Destroy that sense of progression and make people feel like the gains are not worth the time spent a lot of people are going to get bored fast. I haven't really played since the bounty nerf for this reason and I didn't just come on purely for bounties, I'd hop on and do a few of the easier bounties, roll some crates then continue playing for the fun but knowing that now if I play at the same rate which I have done since I started I will gain 60-70% less IC per day has killed any sense of me wanting to bother because a major draw of the server is completely gone for me.
  5. Tbh this is one of the main issues with shotguns, they would be totally fine as they are right now if the server didn't have bunnyhopping and so much stuff to increase speed which completely negates what is meant to be the biggest downside of using a shotgun (Lack of range), combined with higher stats already giving them a higher effective range than they normally would have. I have never found shotguns annoying aside from people that run around with 1 shot rapid fire shotguns moving so fast you don't have any time to react let alone track and shoot them, and all they need to do is get one shot in your general direction to instantly kill you. Also does anyone actually use hard hat? I don't really see this being a concern...In all my playtime I don't think I have found anyone surviving a 1 shot headshot that they would have survived with one so I can't imagine they are so prevalent it's going to be a deal breaker for shotguns.
  6. Completely separate from the other bounty threads since they are with regards to the actual bounty objectives. One of the biggest issues bounties have imo is the effect they have on the servers since for example you go to a server with a jump bounty and you have half of the server jumping in a corner every round, or its impossible to get any legit health station HP on a health station bounty server because everyone is obsessed with hurting themselves to get it and as detective you get hounded constantly from the start to drop one (And detectives often use equipment to get somewhere innocents cant so they can do it freely), explosive bounty servers you cant go around without tons of explosives going off constantly or T buddies blowing each other up. I don't know how player data is stored/loaded on MG so I couldn't speak to the ease of adding and storing completely random generated bounties per player but it obviously already tracks completion progress for each server now. Even if you didn't want to go full random bounties for everyone what about something like generating one of each of the bounties each day per server in the same format the bounties are now, then when a player joins for the first time that day they get randomly assigned 3 bounties out of the pool (Or 3 pools as the bounties appear to have separate groups) and those are their 3 bounties for the day for that server. That way it would be fair in that people who get the same bounties have the same goals, but there would be more interesting variance in objectives people need to complete rather than having most of the server trying to do the same objective and sometimes things getting heated because people are being selfish and fighting about it.
  7. Most bounties I don't bother going doing because they are objectively not worth it for the time spent when there are so many other bounties that give you an infinite amount more bang for your buck. Take the knife one in the op for example, 18 knife kills means 18 traitor rounds, at 25% chance to be T per round you are looking at an average of 72 rounds assuming you knife someone EVERY T round, assuming around an hour average per map you thats 7 hours worth of play to complete on average and every time you don't kill someone with a knife as a T you add 4 rounds / 15 minutes. Like I said its objectively not worth doing, you'd need to be playing all day focusing on this bounty to get it. All that for 3500 when you can get 2000 for jumping in a corner for 6 rounds or any of the others that can be completed in a few rounds or less. I get that some bounties are meant to be harder, but some could use a serious rebalancing in the numbers to actually make them doable in a reasonable amount of time/rounds.
  8. In-Game Name of Offender: The Archdiocese SteamID of Offender: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ArchdioceseofZryteks / STEAM_0:0:18654184 Which server was this on?: TTT #2 Date of Incident: 03/11/18 Report Reason: Door blocking What Happened: A few of us were going for the bounty (No T buddies dying), and we managed to kill everyone without any of us being called out only to find out the last innocent was blocking the door in a bedroom. In a panic I used my last credit on a C4 and put it in a stupid place which allowed him to push me out and disarm it/get back in the room, then he continued to delay for ~3 minutes ignoring us telling him it was against the rules etc. After multiple attempts at various grenades (Including discombobs where he managed to get back infront of the door before we could fully open it), we finally managed to discombob him off the door and had to panic rush the room before he could block it again but he had a blastinati and managed to kill all of us in the confusion. The next round when people were saying they were gonna report him he backpedaled and started saying he did nothing wrong because 'people claim rooms all the time on this server' and that he intentionally let us in and we were just bad/got shit on etc, but then continued door blocking every round until an admin told him to stop. Obviously I couldn't say 100% that we would have gotten the bounty had he not done this but our chances were pretty high and even if we managed to get him off the door I don't really think that excuses the fact that he both wasted everyone's time blocking a door for over 3 minutes and ruined our T rounds/bounty chances. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No, StrikerDaKid came on afterwards and told him to stop Witnesses: Evidence: I sped up around 3 minutes of him door blocking since no one point is particularly important, unfortunately I used shadowplay near the end but afterwards forgot to capture the rest so don't have the point we managed to discombob him off the door and get in saved. Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  9. +1 the high step counts AND multi round things just mean every round there's even more people standing doing nothing (Including traitors delaying the round til they can get the bounty) On minecraft servers with reduced round timers as well 600+ steps is impossible to get without abusing bunnyhopping. Bounty should be a realistic amount that can be achievable but keeping on the move for an average round.
  10. +1, plus the servers could use a general tidy up of the masses of trash maps that never get played or just aren't fun/good, as well as adding thumbnails for the remaining ones as people rarely vote for maps that don't have thumbnails (Supplying a list of thumbnail-less maps to the community for people to go and get them would be a good way crowdsource it)
  11. In-Game Name of Offender: deerreeko SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:8833815 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198812279027/ Which server was this on?: TTT #4 Date of Incident: 02/18/18 Report Reason: Wallhacks What Happened: He sat watching a T kill someone through the wall then said 'I think I know who the T is' and proceeded to trail them through the wall everywhere they went - See video Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  12. Don't get me wrong i don't think people should be allowed to kill based on suspicion or 'kill everyone in X part of the map because a shot came from there', but rules become bloated when they have little exceptions and are interpreted and enforced completely differently by different admins. Most of the toxicity on the servers I have witnessed since joining comes from people arguing over the technicalities of the rules and whether or not a kill was against the rules. Case in point earlier, standing just outside a bathroom on fast food, hear someone with a HUGE mow a guy down inside then a guy with a HUGE crawls out of the vent reloading with a dead unID'd body visible behind him that he is clearly running away from. To me I can't see any reason in that case you shouldn't be allowed to kill someone in that situation yet I have been slain before for the exact same thing for both KOSing based on location and killing someone before asking them to ID a body. As for guilty until proven innocent I have experienced myself and witnessed plenty of slays where it has been entirely down to the word of the person accusing and in some cases other people stepping in to say they witnessed it and it was completely legit being ignored and the slay going ahead despite no actual evidence of wrongdoing other than an accusation. 3 out of 4 times I have either been punished or been close to being punished the trial staff in question has then apologized to me after the fact because they were the ones jumping in the gun/in the wrong (And one tried to trade me items afterwards) In any case there's definitely either a problem with the rules, how they are presented or how they are being enforced. Every server is entitled to decide what its rules are and I know I can either stick to them or leave, but it's not unreasonable to ask that rules be presented clearly and be enforced consistently as right now the servers are generally more fun when there aren't any staff about because as soon as they come on people spam report and it feels like a dice roll whether or not they are going to arbitrarily believe the other guy and punish you.
  13. Interested to hear what sort of changes are in mind. I love the servers but one of my biggest gripes is the rules, there they seem far too bloated and a lot of them are not only I think extremely counter intuitive to the point that sometimes I get killed because I'm second guessing myself eg 'I know this guy is a traitor because of what he just did but he if whines it's a 50/50 if I get punished'. Some are too open to interpretation and what some admins seem to think is punishable others are fine with, and the report system generally seems to be treated as guilty until proven innocent for the accused. This is crossing more into my personal beliefs having run/developed a lot of my own similar stuff to Moat (Level/inventory/store/drop system, clientside hitreg/lag comp etc) on a hugely popular EU server back in 2010-2012, but I think having excessively strict rules in TTT encourages toxicity because it encourages the mindset where players constantly try to get others punished just because they can, and try to find any little caveat in the rules that lets them do so (I have been falsely accused/reported SO many times by people who aren't even interested in what reason you have to give for killing them and just do it out of malice), I personally believe that administration should be a more hands off approach. After all it is TTT and it is chaotic, mistakes are designed to be part of the game and having a stricter karma system is part of the punishment people face for mistakes, yes players shouldn't be allowed to run around deathmatching but little johnny doesnt really deserve a slay/ban first time because he panicked/came to the wrong conclusion about the situation and shot the wrong guy. Again it'd be a different story if certain players have a pattern of being overly trigger happy and regularly making the same 'mistakes' but if an otherwise upstanding player makes an occasional mistake not showing them leniency is just going to push them away. Also the death scene shouldn't be overly relied on for trying to determine what someone did and didn't see because it can be WAY off, especially for people playing cross region with 200-300 ping. Having simple, clear cut rules and standards make it much easier to administration and for players to enjoy the server without worrying about what obscure rules they might break by doing something.
  14. In-Game Name of Offender: ActuallyZee SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:47682093 Which server was this on?: TTT #1 Date of Incident: 02/04/2018 Report Reason: Cheating (Aimbot) What Happened: Noticed a few times he killed me suspiciously fast from long distances, spectated him and he was very blatantly aimbotting. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: https://giant.gfycat.com/PepperyEarlyAsiandamselfly.webm Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: No