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  1. One of my fave moments of Moat had to be coming back after not playing for a while and seeing some of the names I used to play with. It was a really nice feeling that I was back home and it showed me how strong this community really is. I stopped playing in 2016 and picked it back up in 2020 so 4 years of people staying. Felt really cool. Btw if I win I plan to donate it to one of you guys ♥️
  2. Down to clown, I am in!
  3. I have always thought this would be a good idea but then I thought about the number of trades that are actually done with pure ic. It's not many. Many trades that I've seen or done are mixed and I'm not sure how that would work in terms of the market system. I really like the idea of an eBay like system where you can bid, buy now, or send trade offer. I feel that could be a great addition and an easier way to sell.
  4. RIP to a legend 393 Nameless#5175 Miss ya bb
  5. I like the idea but not the idea of the talent. If it was to have a talent I have thought about the idea of like a confetti shooter. Every shot has a % chance to shoot a pop of harmless confetti that can disorientate the person you're shooting at. I think that could be funny.
  6. Like a moat eBay? Is that the idea you're having?
  7. Now I realize this may be a controversial topic at this time but as he is our president and the ultimate memer I think having a Trump model would be hilarious. I mean we do have an Obama model and I think that people really enjoy it. I mean think about the humor of seeing Trump and Obama in a gunfight haha. I think it would be so funny. I would suggest the model to be a high end or ascended as I dont think it should be impossible to get. Idk I just think it could be fun and be super funny especially with the election coming up. Don't take this as me being for or against Trump, this is just an idea for the game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722374307 Let me know your thoughts, lets try and keep political views out of this and just talk about why or why not youd like to see this in MOAT.
  8. This needs way more attention! Yes yes yes!
  9. I'm not THAT easy you dirty boy... see you in my DMs later 😉
  10. Hello ladies and bromigos, I can't believe I have never posted my intro on here as I feel like people (other than my staff fam) don't know much about me. Well here it goes. I do have a name... yes yes beyond popular belief my name is not Nameless, it is Ian. I am a 23 year old graduate student and I am getting my Masters degree in Athletic Training. I first played MOAT back in early 2016 and took a few year break to then pick it up recently and fell back in love with the server. I am a personal trainer, strength coach, and bartender in the real world so if anyone wants to chat about working out and then making a solid post pump ❤❤❤❤tail hmu (18+ obvi) haha. I also played hockey in college at the Division 2 level and I still am a huge fan so if anyone wants to talk puck let me know as well. I am excited to say I will be here for a while so shoot me a message on discord if you ever wanna shoot the ❤❤❤❤ and just talk about life. I love to hear about peoples lives and get to know the community a bit better. Add me on discord to chat more if you so wish @Nameless#5175 Talk soon - Nameless ps. pic of hockey me 🙂
  11. "just need 3 more kills with this ❤❤❤❤❤" -Nameless (micdrop)
  12. Agreed it's a frustrating one but I have just learned to deal with it unfortunately. Hopefully can be something that will be looked at in the future.
  13. Oh yeah... they are both T3 talents, im a dummy
  14. Haha imagine Newton and Dragon, that would be uber confusing and be a waste of a gun for sure.
  15. I think it was good. I liked the idea, I just thought the song was repetitive and the rewards for getting the eggs was not worth it. Wanna talk about events that sucked? Uh the Vapes? That was something I could have gone without for sure...
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