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  1. Oh yeah... they are both T3 talents, im a dummy
  2. Haha imagine Newton and Dragon, that would be uber confusing and be a waste of a gun for sure.
  3. I think it was good. I liked the idea, I just thought the song was repetitive and the rewards for getting the eggs was not worth it. Wanna talk about events that sucked? Uh the Vapes? That was something I could have gone without for sure...
  4. Excited to see what the future of MOAT holds. As someone who is not a fan of change at all, I am old... what do you expect, but these changes add new variability to the game. I would like however to be able to have the option to play the original TTT or the new TTT with new roles. I believe that this should be clearly expressed and described in the description of each server. I say this because I sometimes want to just play normal TTT and click Beta (7?) I think? and it is TTC with all the crazy roles and I switch because that is not what I am feeling at that moment. I hope that makes sense. Also, great job on the Easter event, it has been a blast and seeing all the hype surrounding eggs was awesome. People loved it, I know I did. I got a smile on my face every time I found and obtained an egg. I do wish however there were clearer goals as to what the eggs and Easter baskets would have entailed. I know there was rumors that on Easter you would be able to open the eggs with a chance to obtain guns. This however was not true. This disappointed many as other somehow got these guns/models through a glitched server, making others wonder what the point of the eggs even were. This is very opinionated yes I understand but I think clearer intentions would hopefully lead to less disappointment and confusion among some players. Lastly, if you read this far, congrats haha, but I am pumped about these upcoming events. Events are what make this game and server different and keeps people engaged. I am not sure if this is allowed but I would love some alcohol themed items during the Cinco de Mayo event as that is a huge part of it, aka gimme some beer and tequila haha! Thanks for all you guys do. Keep it up - Nameless
  5. In-Game Name of Offender The Party Man IV (moat.gg) Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:59907263 Date of Incident 03/31/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Nameless#5175 Description Guy RDMed the same guy 2 straight rounds. He RDMed Æthyreal Legend Evidence [00:39] The Party Man IV (moat.gg) [Innocent] killed Æthyreal Legend [Detective] with weapon_ttt_te_m24 [00:27] The Party Man IV (moat.gg) [Innocent] killed Æthyreal Legend [Traitor] with weapon_ttt_dual_glock Attachments
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