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  1. Unban Request Format You must name the title of your request: [In-Game Name][Unban Request] Your Steam Display Name: Lionel P. Hoon Your In-Game Name: Lionel Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:150308667 Which server were you banned on?: DarkRP Staff Member That Banned You: No Idea Reason Banned: None How Long You Were Banned: Perm What Happened: Well the day Jakenat got banned he was goving people ♥♥♥ mode and no clip and stupid ♥♥♥♥, he gave it to me without me asking, I sat in spawn and people kept trying to kill me so I killed them back(just now realising how dimb this was), like I said I just waited. Moat got on and I was going to ask if he could remove me from ♥♥♥ and noclip but I was banned before I could say anything. Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) Yes Witnesses: Forgot the names, give me a little Ill edit them in Evidence: None
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