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  1. Yeah I show the complaint guide in this under the section where you’re about to post on the forums. And I guess I was unclear on taking the screenshot for evidence? I never said to crop only what you need but crop out everything but the damage logs. This started out as a guide for vip to vote kick properly but just kindve expanded as I got going to cover all the bases. I’ll update to make it clear to keep the whole damage logs
  2. I was actually unsure at first. I thought it would be some kind keybind for the "print screen" key, but after just trying it I think I might like it more than gyazo. Very nice tip thanks. +1
  3. Thats a really good idea. I'll add that into the gathering evidence section. Thanks!
  4. We have all, unfortunately, been there. You're enjoying a nice game of TTT, on your favorite server, and then out of nowhere someone comes on and starts harassing people and RDMing. The situation is made worse by an absence of staff to handle it right away. Here are steps you can take to address the issue, and insure you also stay within rules while doing so. Step 1. Evidence This is the most crucial step. Every other step we take after this will for the most part require evidence. The staff , if unable to validate for themselves, cannot and will not just take your word for it. Luckily, evidence is a very simple thing to acquire in most cases. If you have an up to date version of Windows 10 you can easily screenshot with "Windows Key" + "Shift" + "S" Another Great way to gather evidence is through Shadowplay. If you have this option available its definitely a great choice If that isn't option you can easily screenshot through Gmod itself, but personally I recommend Gyazo. It allows you to capture a specific area, as well as automatically upload the capture and give you a shareable link. Gyazo Alternatively you can do can do pretty much the exact same thing as Gyazo without any extra download. Just use Someone pointed this out in the comments and it's seriously Great. If you've been RDMd wait until after the round, then press F8. This will open the Damage Logs. Familiarize yourself with these Damagelogs, they are a great thing. You can highlight multiple players so its easy to find out what everything that specific player(s) has done. You can highlight roles. And you can even right click and grab someone's STEAM:ID for future reference. Use these features to highlight the offender in action. (No one was actually RDMd in the making of this picture.) Another type of Evidence you may need to Gather is from a trade gone wrong, where you believe you were scammed. These are fairly simple as well because luckily you can type !trades in chat and bring up logs of all your previous trades. And if you click on any of past trades they will show up *WITH* the chat logs from that trade screen. This can be very useful when trying to prove a loan, or get back your items that someone scammed from you. (this is just a random example trade) Step 2. Try to contact staff on Discord. If you haven't already downloaded Discord, do it. What are you, some kind of rebel? Once you have discord downloaded you can type !discord in game to bring up the discord invite link. You get some free IC for doing this also, so that's a plus. Once you have Discord opened up to the Moat.gg server you'll want to navigate to #helpcounter Now remember not to spam this chat or use it for anything other than asking for help on a server. That way the staff can actually see who needs help and can help them. but to get a staffs attention and to get them to come to the server its very simple. in the discord chat simply say what server you are in the STEAM:ID of the offender and a brief explanation of whats happening. Example: " @staff I'm on MC 5. STEAM_0:1:48954818 is spamming goat sounds in chat and RDMing everyone." More often than not a staff will ping you back and let you know they're on the way to help. Sometimes though they are otherwise preoccupied. If that is the case and you are VIP, you are able to vote-kick the offender. But keep in mind that vote-kicking without trying to get staff on or any other form of abusing the vote-kick system will get your VIP privileges revoked. Step 3. Make a Complaint on the Forums. There are Two types of complaints, a Player and a Staff Complaint. Both require evidence and follow a guideline. Make sure to read the pinned guides in the Player Complaints section before reporting, otherwise your report may be disregarded altogether. And that's pretty much it. After you've done all this you are pretty much done. I hope this guide helps you if you've been unclear in the past on what you, as a non staff member, can do to help deal with "bad players" And special thanks to nashradical and sky for making some awesome suggestions in the comments below and helping me improve my guide. That's totally tubular my duuuuudes
  5. pretty blease may i have the penguin ❤️
  6. William RDM'd someone and left the game right after without giving the person the chance to even report you. RDM
  7. I kindve like it. But I disagree with increasing firerate at all. Maybe it could be a powerup. 15% chance to increase speed by 10-25% for 3-7 seconds, stacks twice. Would give marathon runner some competition.
  8. Imagine a Springfield that one taps but also has fracture
  9. How's it done in golden deagle rounds? Would a server side option not be viable
  10. I think it would be cool to have a VIP only server. Maybe it have something else unique like higher chance of end round drops/more than 3 dailys. #buffVIP
  11. I like the idea a lot, but as someone on a low end dinosaur desktop I have sprays/effects turned off because it stresses my computer out. Maybe instead of a bloodtrail it could highlight the person like visionary. Also no slow
  12. Exactly. Most of them already one shot. But they need a talent to be able to do it. By simply increasing the base dmg to 79 a cosmic/planetary springfield with above 27% dmg stat would be able to 1 tap without a talent. So cm would useless on it, but every other talent is viable. Creating a whole new breed of Springfield that need cm.
  13. I'd have to look and I'm offline for the night. It needs a stat mutate to 1 tap I believe. Dm me on discord and I'll show you tomorrow
  14. I have a worn Springfield with a 29.9% cm. It's worth more than bootiful Springfield with a 27.4% damage roll
  15. Yeah but then a cosmic+ springfield with 27% or higher dmg stat could 1 tap without cm. I don't think it will inflate 1 taps, I think it will make a new breed of 1 taps that don't need cm.
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