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  1. always willing to give new maps a try also cool that someone from our community made it for us
  2. has nothing to do with g3 being strong i don't know where you get that from but they're literally just two identical guns except g3 fires faster and thats it.
  3. yea it’s just a worse g3 now lol
  4. i was in the lobby when he did it. Traitor kills were also rdm.
  5. you don't charge bananas you throw them
  6. yeah it should either be a viable melee or a no damage vanity item imo. The weird cross of both is what i have the issue with.
  7. the whole item is a mega yikes that's gotten a couple people permaed already despite the shoe never being considered purp rdm and had it's own rule that you had to hit them with it 5 times before it was KOSable. Or glacies. It was a bad idea but there needs to be some damage control before a bunch of people get culled over a bad item design.
  8. It's literally a worthless item if it can get you banned and isn't a usable melee so +1
  9. It would be nice having a melee t1 that isnt trig or lightweight for once
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