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  1. Your Name: In-Game: Woof / Discord: Dog Protest#2570 Your Steam ID: 76561198272276745 Which server where you banned on?: TTT EU #1 Staff Member that Banned You: In-Game: Maple / Discord: Maple#7933 Ban Reason: Ghosting Ban Length: Permanent Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: Alright so uh.. just to make it straight to the point, in-case the options didn't show, I got banned around the time of 8:00-8:40(around that time), and was just playing a number of rounds. Not much people was in the server, just the Administrator(Maple) with a trial-moderator(MeatNTwoVeg) with a number of people, I also believe there was 8 other people playing in the server including myself and the staff members. During a round, normally just a few kills here and there, and you have a normal situation with an inno and two t's(unbeknownst I believe at the time, with some "missing in action" people in TAB). Meanwhile while this is happening I just think about doin' a lil' humor here, to "appease to the population" with an old stereotype of the awp being a "noob weapon". Basically what I said to the only alive inno (who, not sure if known by them at the time that they were the last one alive) was that there was an awp user still alive, in which I believe was a "noob". After a while, I guess that he freezes to look in chat and investigate about what I just revealed, and is then shot by a traitor in the process, ending the round.(this last inno alive was Maple). After the round ends, I'm greeted with a pm back from him just saying: "why are you ghosting?" Yeah.. At this point I figured he obviously didn't take this as your typical humor and took it as another case of ghosting. I then just pm him back attempting to ignite some humor(in which in this case was a stupid idea), talking about how I can see with my "senses" or something like that, I have a screenshot of the round preview in console. After a few seconds without response, I then just try to keep cool and say "okay yeah I know this is against rules but, you don't need to take it since your admin right?" (which uh... yeah that may have triggered the immediate ban...) Then a ban followed. Just to make sure... I'm making this a bit straight foward so that no misinformation or any bs is spread about the topic, but I do have a screenshot of the preview: (Whole Round Preview): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/769489790226690979/A28A958140F38C7226B307F42F4DC34501D29CAE/ (Start Point of Conversation): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/769489790226692015/671E37F0D00BD371E7397BB287B3D112FA3BFF4D/ Not sure if the inno known he was the only one left, since I don't really see any "? is a Traitor!" or a "KOS ?" or "High sus on ?" besides the Suspicion marked on me (In which i was innocent that round). I don't believe I was banned wrongfully, I just believe it was just a bad time for any explanation or warning or any kind of situation to talk it out. I just want to mark out some points. -Just to put my opinion on the ban itself, I'd understand if the ban was repetitive or was a "mutiny" (t's revealing info on their teammates), but i'm not so sure about a perm ban. Ghosting isn't as big of a problem as Mass RDMers or LTAPers or Cheaters that just use UnKnOwNcHeAtS as a hack client, it's just not much of a concern to be compared as a permanent ban. Just to clarify, in this case it was a (inno reveal info of a person using an AWP- which could just mean any situation like that[inno holding awp or whatever]) The point is, I just misdirected the discussion and just want to talk of it. Oh. and along with the witnisses category, it was just some people I could remember from the incident that were dead at the time. Witnesses: MeatNTwoVeg Colddwarf moat.gg Have you read over our rules?: No Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes