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  1. Closed And Archived due to a lack of evidence
  2. Icey u will be slain once he most likely heard/saw the shot from the other guy and thought it was one of you
  3. sirguap the knight will be slain once for accidental rdm Explanation: they are a relatively new player and probably do not know our policy for warn 3 time to move out of door ways
  4. A second point to make is the idea of cost all moat servers are hosted by a different group and it costs him for every single server Dedicated servers are rather expensive
  5. super jesus will be banned Permanently Reason Mass RDM Explanation Many of the kills seemed unjust however the three kills i determined the easiest to say had no reason where the first kill and the last two (first and last screen shots) The first is obvious its just a shot and death at 4 seconds in to the round the last one was a little different the first kill is purp even thought a t shot someone else just before if he was trying to kill the t and cross fired he would have it the t shortly after, which he didn't. The second is just a kill without a doubt
  6. @Domb Do you have death scenes for any of these or shot logs
  7. @Cinis do you have proof they shot you unprovoked
  8. I Understand your reasoning however there are some issues first off would players be able to get IC there other than gambling. Could player AFK farm. Would staff have to be there to make sure things are okay. could staff ever go on the server without being complained that they "are not doing the job". Also why not just chill on a regular server to get the end round drops. The biggest downside is simply moat wont do this. This is a very old Idea that many people have pushed for however every single time moat has stated that he feel's its pointless and a waste of a server that could be used for TTT.
  9. nimtra will be slain twice for accidental rdm + Leave The player was very new and may have not known that you cannot kill for blocking Closed and Archived
  10. @5UP13X1N4T0R do you have the damage logs?
  11. Cocksleeve Steve will be banned for 1 day Reason Purp RDM Explanation: in the damage logs there is one kill before the death however that death is on the other side of the map you can see the killer in screenshot three above the detective turret
  12. Closed and Archived due to a lack of evidence
  13. @little piggy Do you have Death Scene
  14. Closed and Archived all has been settled out to the best we can
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