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  1. @Jamsy Oh, I didn’t even realize that was the perk that was added, I haven’t been on today lol I guess this make this kinda pointless then
  2. I think considering we have a handful of talents that increase stat-based attributes on a weapon (accuracy, trigger finger, stability, etc.) there should also be one that decrease draw speed and reload speed. I propose a talent called Outlaw and it decreases draw speed and reload speed by quite a bit, making you ready for action much faster than normal. Combining this with guns that have draw and reload speed bar stats would make it so reloading is significantly faster than dropping your gun for ammo (a "bug" that currently makes talents like meticulous and vulture kinda lack❤❤❤❤er in most scenarios), and makes guns that are unfortunate enough to have no mag stat actually usable (especially ones that reload slowly). As for the tier and perks, I was thinking it could be a tier 1 talent with the perks as follows: 20 - 30% faster draw speed and 15 - 25% faster reload speed Optionally, it could be split into separate talents, but the two alone seem pretty underwhelming in most cases. I'm open to opinions and ideas
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