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  1. Christian


    I definitely don't think it should go any higher than it is currently, as the max Reload Stat Bar % iirc is 40% (that being on the Smear Cavalier, Monte Carlo,etc) and the average amongst all other weapons being somewhere between 25-35%. If you want my honest opinion, I think it should be balanced somewhere in the average as mentioned about. Much like how the Accuracy and Stability Talents are around the same range as their counterpart Stat Bars. Maybe not my exact numbers, but a Reload average range should be determined. Though like I already mentioned, the Smear Cavalier does share the same Max Potential Reload Stat as the Monte Carlo, spite one being Ascended and one being Cosmic. Just something to contribute to the conversation I suppose.
  2. Either rework them to only have them shoot players that damage Detectives, or limit them to 1 per Detective imo.
  3. Ngl, I kinda figured this was gonna happen. I personally felt they needed to be reworked, and not rolled back to how they originally functioned. Leaving them as is now is just going to create a c❤❤❤❤er ❤❤❤❤ on the server. And iirc, they don't leave damage / kill lines in the Damagelogs. (Unless this was fixed) This was my suggestion in regards to a rework for the D Turret awhile back. And honestly I think it's a good solution to this issue. That, or make then non restockable.
  4. The HUD Breaking is extremely annoying. The fact DNA and Radar become unusable unless I restart my game, and join another server is dumb. This bug is extremely annoying, much like Boss Rounds and other events breaking T-Outlines.
  5. Refer to this thread. What you're looking for will be in greentext / Step 8.
  6. They need a rework, but I'd prefer for them to not work as they were originally coded. As they'll just shoot anyone that damages another player in it's Line of Sight (excluding other Detectives obviously) And if the Detectives put them in a bad spot, they could easily get an inno killed for trying to say kill a Traitor. Perhaps a good middle ground for a potential rework could be anyone that "Damages another Detective in it Line of Sight" will be shot by it. Least, I think that would be better than how it functions originally and currently.
  7. 100% Agree with Death as well on this one. I like the concept being clientside, but not serverside.
  8. Kinda ashame that Scavenger / Vulture has become very obsolete. But I will say this is a very intriguing idea for a rework.
  9. 4 Tap Body, 1KRPM, Laser Accuracy is NOT balanced at all when compared to other AR's or SMG's. Stop adding dumb reskinned Projectile Talents, and Nerf this gun already.
  10. I don't really see this being a good talent, specially considering you could just drop your weapon to refill both your mag and reserve ammo. Just seems something that'll be abused, along with something that is already being abused quite frequently. -1
  11. The Wipe never should of happened it the first place. It punished players for something that was never even their fault. People come on here to play TTT you know, and the reason for forcing them to start over was weak. Obviously I agree with the fact that Moat should of waited, to make sure everything was good. Having 50+ Planetary Mutators drop is unfair for some, but should NOT warrant another wipe. If you only care about the economy and not the game itself, I kinda pity you.
  12. This is a Wacky Round / Event Round I can get behind. I'm not sure if I really like this as an actual weapon, but this could make a real fun event round imo. Assuming its played like it is in Goldeneye / Goldeneye Source. In that case, I'm all in on this idea being added.
  13. Reviving an old suggestion of mine, as I want this as a Melee Weapon on the server. Assuming there is going to be a Summer Event this year (and if new items are going to be added as well), I think this Melee would make a perfect addition to a Crate, or Summer Climb tier if that returns. Feel as if it were made to be in Cosmic tier, to give another weapon to complement the Lightsaber in that specific tier of Melees. Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=885014168
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