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    1. ouch!


      markiplier music

    1. Garfield Bin Laden

      Garfield Bin Laden

      good post man

  1. yeah who the ♥♥♥♥ would riot over not being censored anymore, i dont think anyone wants to be censored lmao
  2. That doesn’t make any sense, you voluntarily devote time to babysitting on a gmod server lmao
  3. I agree, I think the game should be overflowing with jesters so it really gives them a good chance to get a win, and it keeps everyone else on their toes.
  4. hi jako hi i hope u still wear the santa cap brb#9656
  5. being staff is so much more cringe
  6. su cking cock? maybe
    likking it? fopr not a channce buster... hwat did yo you think?

    1. Garfield Bin Laden

      Garfield Bin Laden

      go od post


    2. BananaBoi



  7. Your Discord Name: brb#9656 Staff Member That Banned You: Motato Ban Reason: spamming What Happened: I got caught up in the firestorm that was #general yesterday and started spamming. I got hit with the one of the many bans moat was randomly throwing out. I'd like to interact with the community again. Did you break any rules?: Yes Witnesses: Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  8. Bump. I’m thinking of more possible redesigns if the quick equipment menu based off of other games menus, might post here if I make any possible mock-ups.
  9. This would be sick since I collect perfect power-ups, however I doubt this will happen.
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