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  1. i feel like it would just be a single model 1887 instead of dual
  2. Ok for boss round just rush him its not that hard I don't understand why ppl can't grab that idea
  3. It shouldn't ruin the eco that bad tbh its just another ascended or cosmic weapons I don't see how it will break the eco that bad unless u add a broken perk like energizing again then it might
  4. bruh if u want realism dont play garry's mod.....this game is far from being realistic play escape from tarkov
  5. make the power up a planetary lol, but for real for how good it is it feels like might as well be a planetary i cant tell you how many times i almost kill a full lobby then that one guy with perfect or near perfect health bloom either lower the amount of hp or raise the rarity or change it all together...... thank you
  6. id love this some guns are just too slow to reload this be great! but the perk should be called *speed cola* for obvious reasons (if u play cod/cod zombies before you will agree with me on this)
  7. Tbh just lower the rpm or lower the DMG and I think it be fine
  8. i love the scar in alot of games hell i use it in the new cod game i like it alot so i could see it in moat id love to have it as a high end and above tbh because i feel like a rapid scar will be broken
  9. If they are gonna nerf them then I'd rather have healing then trig or focus
  10. legit people only buy them for the talents along it being a fast firing gun plz bring back 2 talent rapids
  11. no offense but they are shit if anything i think the talents are fine the way they are tbh
  12. i hate the rap music id love to put much better music in the round end music
  13. if anything i like this map so i would like it fixed more than anything
  14. that would be cool if its limited to a certain raity like highest it can go is high end