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  1. bruh we dont need these many pistols but if anything there should be skins of guns that change the animation and skin of the gun but have the same stats of the weapon u put the skin on
  2. ign: Jake⁰lightning discord: Jake0lightning#1146 i could use a plantary just saying 🙂
  3. 1+ i like this but make more of a chance for a MUTATOR than a weapon....... if so then make it more of a price to open the crate otherwise it be easy weapon for opening a crate. ex:25/75 50 k-100k 10/90 150k-250k 50/50 300k-500k these would be fair if they were meant by what the op wanted..... aka having higher chance for a weapon than a mutator so i think these are a fair price if they have just weapons in the crates 🙂 tbh i just want crates like 50/50 for high ends but for higher tiers 😕
  4. yes tbh it would make the server so much better
  5. im not gonna agure with ur beliefs the server is mega broken the only way to fix it ? a wipe or for moat to actually go though all inv and fix the weapons
  6. the thing is (when it was enabled) .... im not sure how it works but it was working then i wouldnt see weapons that have these weapons or having over max stats so clearly its not working..... if was working y33t would have been banned.....
  7. tbh we should wipe it would solve soooooooooo many problems not to mention this ♥♥♥♥ and yes those weapons have broken stats and moat made a script that bans when u have weapons like this now i say we do a fresh wipe and players get ic depending on previous lvls to purchase creates or weapons so it be better or just give us sc rn its just not fun rn with ppl doing this ♥♥♥♥ or having broken weapons
  8. but now it doesnt matter its fixed now anyways 😛
  9. i am because all of my inv was affected and they ain't that broken the most broken item is my meme pistol that legit makes me run fast thats it
  10. moat caused this to happen so i mean id say to spam at him to fix it or just dont play the game 🙂. theres not much you can do other than use ur t weapons to kill the "broken guns" but to me thats moat in general so i dont see a difference so idk play in more low pop servers and if anything its the meme weapons that are super broken and need to be fixed with -rpm aka -30k rpm on a meme weapon is kinda dumb
  11. i feel like it would just be a single model 1887 instead of dual
  12. Ok for boss round just rush him its not that hard I don't understand why ppl can't grab that idea
  13. It shouldn't ruin the eco that bad tbh its just another ascended or cosmic weapons I don't see how it will break the eco that bad unless u add a broken perk like energizing again then it might
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