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  1. I really like the idea of a moat hub server. It could solve so many problems. and if implemented correctly could be just as fast as moat itself. Heres what I think should happen, but I want community feedback on how the hub should work. I created this quick graphic that displays the general idea. Here are all the summaries for all of the floors. Floor 3 (spawn): This floor has 5 main features A set of doors and hallways to link to all open moat server and if staff are on the server. A set of dueling ranges that players can duel via a !duel command A firing range with a varying range of targets and where damage numbers are always on and a display to show total damage. Today's Current bounties. The current contract and who is on top and the player model and server of the top 3 are on if they are on. Floor 2: This floor is intended for gambling and has 4 features. A set of public crate openers where A machine would spin a crate and show the result on a hologram above it. A roulette table that uses the roulette from the inventory menu just visualized. A Versus board that shows what current versus games are active A jackpot board that shows what the jackpot is and who is in it. Floor 1: This floor is intended toward trading and contains 1 feature Item Cases that shows the item stats on top of them though a hologram, this would act like the person was inspecting the weapon and holding shift.
  2. I would have to respectfully disagree. Not only are the numbers underwhelming, but I personally would only find it helpful on an m16. Other guns either are designed to go for 1 taps or spray downs.
  3. -1 Both of these items seem too gimmicky to get any real use out of them. Nightvision will only work well for a select few maps and the tactical gear just doesn't seem useful.
  4. I feel we should just add a slider to the settings that give you Fov from 90 to like 120
  5. Alright this will eventually be a big change so here we go. The TTC help menu is unhelpful and confusing so I thought about how to make the menu look nicer, so here’s what i came up with. This is the main menu, It clearly shows what side everything is on. If it is possible I would like these to be links on what each role icon to lead to a separate screen that shows what the role does and how it plays Example: Innocent> I will continue to add more as I make them Serial Killer> Pheonix> Jester>
  6. I often find this talent annoying due to how it works as inno or detective and often leaves me in a worse situation if my gun did not have it. I think that assassin should only dissolve bodies if the person is a traitor.
  7. @Moonyttv I like the concept but the as others have brought up this is already a thread and it would only slow the game more. I ran into the same problem when I was toying with the concept of a stat track like item but I could not program it in a way that would be fast and light. The same applies to stickers that there is no way to add it onto models without significantly slowing the game
  8. this would renew my interest in the game
  9. now that you say that yeah that could be exploited
  10. I actually really like this. however, I feel its incredibly one-sided towards traitors. here's an idea Whenever you get a rightful kill, ANY person on the same team (including you) within X feet gain Y health
  11. My issue with this is that this could be easly stacked to become super overpowered The mask is A terrible idea,it could lead to a very unfair advantage to vets leading to alot of RDM While this idea in a TTT aspect could be good; moat is not the place for it.
  12. No, only 2 of these are already obtainable in moat. If I am missing one please point it out because I don't see it.
  13. Yes, I posted this to get my ideas out there. I do think that some of the values are unreasonable, and I would like feedback to see what everyone thinks. I do now know that talents like fortification and infa-sight, well... exist.
  14. now that you say that... yeah. yeah my bad i meant to say 65%
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