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  1. In-Game Name of Offender Icewallowpis - moat.gg Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:516068397 Date of Incident 05/05/2020 Report Type Scams, fraud, or illicit activity Your Discord ID Kels391#3462 Description I posted my Machito (named Loli Creamer) in WTS channel looking for offers. Offender offered a deadeye he claimed to be worth 400k ic. I could not confirm this due to the fact that no price checks were being made at the time due to the recent influx of items from the wipe rollback. It looked like a good gun, but 400k was not enough. I told him that I did not want to sell for that low, so he continued to offer more. I was told I could probably get around 800k for my Machito. Offender offered a Hakai that he claimed was worth 350k. he claimed he had gotten pc's on all his items. again the Hakai looked like a decent weapon. but it still wasn't at the right amount that i wanted. I also wasn't looking for mixed offers, but if they were mixed overpay i'd consider it. i told him this so he understood that he was overpaying. he offered another item a diamond sword that was pc'd at 40k and an additional 50k ic. he claimed that the items in total was worth about 840k ic. this was mixed over pay so trusting he wouldn't scam me we made the trade. in the trade chat I asked him once more and to be honest, "if you sold all these items could you get 840k ic" he told me yes, so we proceeded. I came to the realization that the items he gave me were not as good as he claimed, and that they were not worth what he claimed. I confronted him and asked to trade back. He refused to give the item back saying that he already leveled it up and used a name mutator. i told him i would compensate for the name mutator lost (even though the gun already had a name mutator used on it). He continued to refuse saying that the guns are worth that price. then later admitted that when he bought the Hakai he was scammed, so it wasn't worth 350k like he claimed, but instead of confronting the person who scammed him he decided to scam me with it. he admitted that he was wrong in doing so, then when I told him he had just admitted to it he then proceeded to delete the message of when he admitted being in the wrong. i have screenshots of it all. the message that was deleted too. he continued to try and offer me other things instead of returning my gun. He also claims that i scammed him by saying my Machito was worth 800k. First off, the 800k price i put was a high buy out option, and i was really just looking for pure ic offers and i would take the highest pure ic offer. but if someone would do mixed then they would have to overpay. this was made clear. 2nd if the Machito was valued lower than what offender paid then why wouldn't he want to trade back to get his higher value items back (if they really were higher value that it). so, his point that the Machito was lower price strengthens my side. i don't want to keep his items and he keeps my gun. i want my gun back. he has admitted to scamming me, tried to cover the admission of guilt by deleting the message, but i was quicker and took screenshots, he is trying to offer more items to keep the gun that he claims is less value. this whole situation with offender has been very fishy. to top everything off, he was not being civil at all. messages laced with profanity, and racial slurs. that is not something that I want to see. Thank you for your time in helping me out. Evidence Attachments
  2. So I have already filed a compensation ticket for my lost event credit on the beta server. I probably won't be compensated, because apparently everyone is supposed to know that if you use an event credit there that it's at your own risk and won't be compensated. Well apparently everyone doesn't know. I had no clue, I've had dozens of event credits work there. There isn't a single line of warning on the loading page or the page where you start events or even when donating and receiving event credits. Event credits are purchased with real money. And with real money you should have earnings to cover anything that could go wrong. I guess my suggestion is that you add a warning to people either specifically on the beta loading page, or if you really want them to notice then put it in big letters at the top of the f4 sidebar that pops up to start events saying that lost event credits due to glitches on beta servers are nonrefundable. Pls make this change so others in the future don't lose there money.
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