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  1. bought the wrong guitar strings fuck

  2. ay do i have to re apply for credible club? i think i lost it cuz inactivity

    i think i was the second person to get it idr. :[

    1. Katphishe³


      CC applications are closed for the time being.

  3. I have been relieved of my pain and feel even greater than ever before.

    1. Jay ☂

      Jay ☂

      are you saying you were depressed


  4. time traveling taco tuesday

  5. I wasn't recording but piam was there when it happens. So no. no evidence
  6. which server was this on?: 1In-Game Name of Offending Player: LupySteam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:0:66906309ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 2:04 estWere there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Dab, The SuessWhat Happened: i wanted to get into the vents during a contagion round on 67thway so i broke the tester so i could watch that side and lupy continued to start shooting me and push me wout with explosive and dragon born trying to get me killed. in which he did. he excuse was that i was in his line of fire but even when there were no zombies he was shooting and he started it at the beginning of the round. Witnesses: Phrot, Crimson
  7. new profile song


  8. loosing you guys in the clouds

  9. i mean i just use razer synapse lol but i hardly use the msbs
  10. Going up the country

  11. I FINIALLY WON SOMETING also man ill miss u evenb tho we didnt hangout like the gu ys from the sonic commercial