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  1. Lol It finnaly happened xD

    3rd cosmic drop outa 38,775 items dropped

    Small Victories are the way to Total Domination; It's ok, it won't hurt.

    1. Ameros


      lol 0th cosmic drop after 30000 items godem

    2. AlterVaas


      Lol not even 15 minutes after this got my 4th xD

      But it was rely shitty lol

  2. Lol It finnaly happened xD

    3rd cosmic drop outa 38,775 items dropped

    Small Victories are the way to Total Domination; It's ok, it won't hurt...

  3. New Musik :class:

    Its a whole Album, so ill post a songlist. 

    1. Preface To Insanity
    2. Godfather Death
    3. The Dunwich Horror
    4. The Mortal Immortal
    5. The Hearse Song
    6. Masque
    7. Salem Town
    8. Lore Of Lies

    ALL songs are perspectives from certain key characters/people included in, short stories that are awesome in their own right and have existed independantly of this band

  4. Hmm..mark of the ninja Assassins Mark,
  5. I believe if he wanted to, he could. However, if this ^^^ were to become a thing, it'd be more beneficial to change it to something like this: WHEN/If they become tradeable and or actually drop; As to 1.set the prices in relation to money spent and points gained (in comparason) and 2. Be the most profitable point for an item like EC (for Moat), and likewise be worth to the user who decides to donate for that option VS pure IC.
  6. Eeither that, or have some vision-reducing effect
  7. If ya'll can just remove the comand entirely...which Moat said was "enabled untill I got offline" one day (around 1am est, if I remember correctly. N then I saw The Suess going DUMB fast around the map), I'd be at least happier knowing the people who CAN bhop manually are the only ones able to, and not 1 outa 3 scrublords who play MG , CANT Bhop manually, and happen to hear the comand (through some peoples inability to keep it on the downlow and blurt it out everytime they're asked "how r u so fast?!?") and never turn it off.
  8. Definently a good idea (I made my own weapon-sets <same prefix/suffix for weapons visual similarity> with rename/collection of aks/rifle set on ntg). However, in order for them to actually have an effect stat wise or gives actual benefits/variables In-Game, we we would need to come up with: Rarity of each bonus-rarity of the bonus itself-gun(or cosmetic) would even spawn with each bonus. Also, if bonuses would be default by tier/ item rarity/whether it spawns by chance,like a unique, or by a roll %-Tests to check if each bonus could be under or overpowered ( in each usable scenario/gameplay style and also in server; Considering application into all the remaining variables each players influence includes, it would be good to brainstorm ideas, make them in-game, and see whether each one is even possible, or has the effect and gameplay of what the intended usage each bonus, could potentially be develouped and implemented for, was intended to feel and play like. It would be a task, but also could bring alot of varity and unique styles to play and, if you define yourself with unique gameplay tactics, make yourself a icon in-game with some funny/OP/meme/tryhard combos. Would be hillarious yet extremely defining of server and very bad-♥♥♥ in application. #gang
  9. +1 its just not a viable bounty that could be completed WITHOUT meta gaming.
  10. Whenever I do stalkerz, I always chose own weapons, and I gotta say; It's quite difficult when people set you on fire, tesla, freeze, etc, and on top of that guns with brutal or center mass really tear up the stalker. I don't think the round needs to change at all, only make it always your normal weapons. This way, there are: No complaints on "being rigged" No cheese rounds, or "ez wins" Reduces farming/not targeting certain players/ feeling targeted (as each players weapon can mess you up, in its' own way) And, last but not least, It will raise the rounds overall community overview as to what makes an enjoyable Stalker round -VS- whatever people see it as of late (alot of people hate Contagion and Stalker events, whereas I love BOTH of those rounds and only wish for the "I wanna win" reputation to go away from forementioned events).
  11. +1 Regardless of who can enter it, it would still help test scenarios that happen only in-game. With all the variables that each player brings to the table in each match, this seems to be the only viable way to find some bugs, glitches, or exploits.
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