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  1. YOOOO this is a good idea ngl i 100% agree JUST FU CKING KIDDING 77777777777777 I NEVER HEARD A MORE RET ARDED THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE L_L_L_L_L_L_L_
  2. its simple same with hc it gets punished and results in the loss of your lost ic and if no staff are online its of course gonna still happen like hc happens
  3. 150k ic for a music to play of your choice using a mp4 , mp3 and so on for the duration of after round for the t with most kills ive thought about that quite alot and finally actually shares this idea finally something that i wont say no to
  4. Moat.gg TTT EU Server Inv Loading Speedrun Any% WR 6:26:21
  5. the american baton still does / used to push at insane speeds if over 99.7-8 ? making people fly across the map and if you jumped once and some american baton guy was near you its basically instant death
  6. just dont be a complete ret ard
  7. haha let me just use double inferno gun wait im a innocent whoops just mass rdmed oh no hahaa
  8. could have been a coincident maybe you are just paranoid maybe if i just put some random numbers here too you will find a patter in them ? 88191 77151 816618 7616100 916112
  9. yea nah just cause u a edgy staff member lil peep was cool and all but yeah nah
  10. u mad bro me gusta u mad bro get good noob u mad kid u mad
  11. skins on corpses never show and since the playdead taunt acts like a body it wont show either
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