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  1. time to get trash rolls on every single gun i dropped again but nice idea
  2. First this is not a major glitch second this has been a thing for like ages now it also works with the awp
  3. If the death part gets added i would not let it count as your kill first it would cause alot of karma loss and second im sure it will lead to alot of "purp rdm" cases / at some point you would get banned for too many teammate kills
  4. so you basically want 2 items added just for your personal gain like n o b ody uses bows bro
  5. should have been here 3 years ago to bad to be you i guess kekw
  6. its okay to come out of the closet nvm it isnt ur staff
  7. this man wont Stop making the best guides on moat.gg i cannot stop doing the emote where youe mouth is open like pog pog that was it
  8. yea dude hitman outline do be hitting my fps hard
  9. ok so you know my discord .. closet furry
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