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  1. I'm only toxic because hes toxic first . I'm not the one with the full diaper, baby raging about T weapons
  2. Oh so you're upsetti spaghetti about dying on TTT plaza. Bro you are clearly baby raging. Go get a glass of water
  3. I think knowing that people on the other side of the wall are there requires both planning and thought Sounds like you're just trash bro
  4. Says the nice guy with hundreds of planetary mutes
  5. Make using taunts to look around corners exploiting plz
  6. But you cant like move while taunting right ?
  7. I play without a monitor because I have more skill than you
  8. Why would you move while looking down a scope? You've obviously never used a gun in real life
  9. Just trade ban the people scalping mutators because they purchased them with illegitimate funds anyways. EZ PZ, that's what you get for being scummy
  10. Whatever happened to just playing ttt
  11. It makes the post pop up in the recent posts because they want it go get seen
  12. I'll get right on that
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