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  1. Just fucking kick them if they keep going, muting people have to much power and can be easily abused
  2. I was one of the people who spent it during the glitch and recently got them back. I got them back luckily, I recommend you go on the discord server and make a support ticket explaining what you lost and your info.
  3. I don't want my money Im just looking for the credits back (unless thats what you meant)
  4. Yes but yet again how some of the community acts is cole's fault. I feel like he should actually try to help his server a little bit more again. I honestly just waiting for the sc that I loss. If I get them back I could care a little bit less
  5. I PERSONALLY feel like a wipe would be the best bet, I know we went through one and people wouldn't like it but again it could be the best option while the server is still kind of fresh since the last one.
  6. I didn't get affected really that much either I just pissed about they way they handled it
  7. Well He did one of the things no one wanted which was a rollback, which removed half of people guns and items they got, even non-glitched ones, People lost their IC and anyone who bought SC (me) during the time did not get it back which moat basically took our money at that point. A roll back was one of the worse things he could of done, you could of just removed all the guns but but he didnt and just rolled it back, hell I wanted a wipe because of how much the server broke. The roll back probably would make even more people leave than a wipe. It's going to kill any new players and destroy the poor people who actually had guns for the first time. The thing is he didn't even tell people or announce it just did it. honestly im pissed and so are a lot of people, hope this gets resolved or moat player base is going to take a big hit. ALSO SOME PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE GLITCHED ITEMS!!!!
  8. nah my dude give me your discord at least if u gonna leave
  9. I personally am not gonna quit if we do get a wipe, but for the people who do, if you do feel generous if you do have SC and gonna quit for good we should give it to people who need it the most. (sorry for my horrible grammar)
  10. I'm fine with a wipe I have no good shit anyways
  11. Complain all you want in the comments just stating This is JUST my Opinion and How I like the gun, you do not need to like it. If you want me to change anything I said here or show me a typing error I made say it in comments. Also I do not know if their is a gun EXACTLY like this already if so tell me that too. So the R8 Revolver (The one that works in csgo, I know omg he's talking about csgo on Gmod) Where when you hit the hammer back and release it quickly so It shoots faster and quicker (This is basically the Raginator but without the scope and it has a way to shoot faster? Example (from csgo) 0:22 - 0:27 is the part I am talking about Unlike how it is in CS it would have lower Stats LOW Rpm - Of course it would have to low Rpm so it can't kill people so Fast LOW Accuracy (Recommendation from Saint) - So it's 1 tap but hard to hit VERY LOW Ammo Cap/Reload - So It can't kill as many or one person so fast. Honestly this is gonna get some whiplash from this forum and i just want to say, I think it would cool if this was in the game. You do not have to like it Kind of Inspiration From :
  12. Wait did the items from the Giveaway get affected... lol
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