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  1. winner ill msg u and u have a day to claim
  2. winner gets my baby https://imgur.com/a/X6syYrJ finally remembered to do it site is ❤❤❤❤ and got rid of my goodbye post kekw I will pick a winner in Min 1 weeks or when I remember too Pick a number 1 - 500
  3. he claimed losers i maybe do another giveaway another time i ran out of items i dont want to keep that is good. staff please close this
  4. if he doesnt claim im going to ❤❤❤❤ everywhere
  5. New Winner is @|Cubic|Sand| He will have an hour to claim (which he probably will) for the pistol I will notify if he does 2020-06-12 11-33-04.mkv
  6. ahmedoo#0303 or @jackydude(:jerry:) Won the giveaway But remember don't be discourage if he doesn't reply in a hours its a r e-reroll 2020-06-12_10-24-44.mkv
  7. Again like the bunny model giveaway please post your discord and a Number 1-200 and no repeat numbers Will most likely be chosen tomorrow when I wake up or somethin
  8. Winner has replied thank you for parti❤❤❤❤ting. ❤️ Any staff that can close the forum now please do
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