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  1. well guess what I already did all of this and still having it
  2. There is nothing saying there is a Sumber Climb it's Summer event dumb dumb
  3. So it basically has a chance to make someone else's gun useless against you? I mean it's a good idea for boss rounds only (my opinion) to get rid of hit multipliers but if used regularly it can make a lot of talents useless.
  4. just... Don't gamble? Having a bank is just like it sitting in your inv.
  5. Just give it time i know everyone is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ but let moat try to fix it with the new staff
  6. I know you still drop from player level its jsut random
  7. you literally do its just not as often or you just dont notice level up new guns a lot to get items
  8. He then hacked moat.gg and impersonated as moat
  9. One upon a time there was a new player on moat.gg
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