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  1. I have talked to them, and made sure they understood the rules of vip. closed & archived
  2. Since there is no evidence provided and I have given you some time to provide some, I am closing this. Closed & Archived
  3. I think this is amazing. I'm glad you decided to make a veteran server and to make it a little more interesting as well. 👏👏👏
  4. Thanks for providing evidence, I will make sure this is handeled. And will also try to contact said player to talk about the rules and how he can not Kos off location. Closed & Archived
  5. From evidence provided they will be perma banned for Mass rdm. Thank you Closed & Archived
  6. I will go ahead and ban this person for 2 days, thank you for providing said evidence. I will also go ahead and try to get ahold of them to make sure they know the rules of claiming rooms. Closed & Archived
  7. Can you please provide some evidence within the next 48 hours, if no evidence is provided I will go ahead and close this complaint
  8. Thank you for providing evidence, as this server takes this kind of stuff very serious. I will go ahead and make sure this gets handled and the player will be banned.
  9. I went ahead and spoke with both of you. As you told me you got the tiers a bit confused, and he wasn't as sure if you were the one who had taken the bet or not. I just advise you both, to next time when betting make sure you both understand the agreements of the bet 100% before getting all mad at each other and coming to a complete understanding of the situation. Since there's really not much going on with this, I hope you both learn from it for the next time you bet your items :p CLOSED & ARCHIVED
  10. Due to the fact that said staff had done their job correctly, there's not much to be done here. You had decided to take matters into your own hands when the admin had already warned the player. But you still intentionally rdm'd the kid, instead of reporting him or saying something to the staff member. Closed & Archived.