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  1. if they have the money, they're going to buy mutators regardless. it's an opportunity for those who don't have as much money as the big ❤❤❤❤ money chads to easily get mutators without having to wrestle someone for it. you say it's an opportunity for the rich to get richer, but when you BUY something from the shop, you lose ic. if they make the cost of the mutators the base level of overpay, it's harder to make a ton of money off of them. it can only be a bad implementation, if implemented incorrectly. it must be made with knowledge of the current state of the economy, and how much people will overpay.
  2. i don't think it'd be a bad idea, as the only way for innos or dets to even get turtles is by killing a t who hasn't placed both down yet. it's not like Ds would be able to just buy them and then use them like testers
  3. talents are fine right now? (besides the snowball reskins) heavy caliber + trig, cm or even desperate times can make guns insanely broken. same thing applies with frenzy. don't actually mind bandolier (think you meant increase weight too btw), but i feel like it'd get overshadowed by other talents that just add better stats. steady bad because decreasing rpm is pretty much never a good thing.
  4. so if i'm on inno motel, i should only be in the spawn and on the top of the map? "don't be there hur dur" is not a good argument considering almost every map has a significant/a lot of indoor areas. having to stay out of one area because someone is ABUSING a mechanic to get a VERY clear edge on another person is ridiculous. "jumping is a natural occurance to avoid being headshot" you're not wrong, but jumping INTO a ceiling to hide your entire head and upper body should not be natural. jumping also isn't the only way to avoid being headshot either, as you can crouch spam (which also makes you a filthy, vile swamp creature) or just strafe spam like a normal human. if you don't see a problem with someone being able to stuff half of their body into a ceiling, idk what to tell you lmao
  5. null

    Bad talents

    metic is one of the best t2 talents if you're just gunning people down. if it is true that it only gives base mag stat without the stat increase, it's still 90% of the mag (on most guns anyway), allowing you to keep shooting. infra sight is just a meh talent in general, and is only really useful on stalker anyway, so unless it gets a mechanic change, i don't feel like the chance really matters. newton discombobing wouldn't really make sense as it's previous name was tug-o-war, and making someone spin in circles when ur shooting them is pretty aids for you and the person getting shot, so that's a no from me
  6. stock pistols can one tap, given they have good enough damage to a target w/o armor. getting pen on a pistol is good because then you can 1 tap through armor, so having it as a stat would be p dumb. getting free stats makes some guns better than their base forms, without breaking the guns themselves. ie the monte carlo, or the traitor killa. in their case, the stats don't break the gun, but are a good QoL addition (reload and draw also aren't talents, so it fits in without making anything else obsolete). if you add penetration to a gun as a STAT (while pen is an actual talent) pen essentially becomes a dead talent, and an insta rr. and i don't think that pistols are the worst secondary either, as ascended ones are pretty easy to come by, especially because of the valentine weapons existing.
  7. please look at posts other people have made about their inventories. and what would be the point in adding a talent that's a straight upgrade from frost? don't really need to make the talent pool more diverse rn, it's fine the way it is
  8. this is deep.....
  9. seth#1981 epsilon trihard7 smell u later
  10. can i count at 10 people i am very big seth#1981
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