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  1. If you play to cater towards the rules you shouldn't be perm banned in the first place, it's pretty difficult to banned whenever you aren't trying to. There's really no such thing as a perm ban being minor either, they do something bad enough to show no regard for the rules or server and that's why they're being banned forever.
  2. I actually really like this idea, seems like everything would be easier, plus more community interaction after all.
  3. They want community interaction most likely, and putting a weapon on the market would be pretty boring to do tbh.
  4. Personally, I still enjoy TTT even after the thousands of hour I've already put on it. The inventory system and daily challenges always keep things fresh and non-repetitive, I think just having a deathmatch server would be super boring to be honest. -1
  5. Maybe do another 24 hour marathon event like around a year and a half ago where everyone who participated got insomnious guns. I don't think giving insomnious's would be ideal but maybe a cosmic guaranteed with a slight chance of planatery. I genuinely thought the event last time was fun and maybe it can go a second round?
  6. #6 is pretty good, i enjoyed it. its not too big but not small, i think it'd fit well.
  7. everyone pretty much knows this, its not that big of a problem either.
  8. if you're talking about 67th way, the trap is a trigger hurt and you can't survive it even with that talent.
  9. 1 week until my day of birth.

    1. d a m n

      d a m n

      happy week of birth

  10. but.... they're gonna get their VIP taken away. even if they votekick without reason they waste $15.
  11. I'm not referring to the one on the workshop, that would be amazingly OP. I'm just saying that he could get the model of the one on the workshop and make it shoot bullets. I'm digging the idea that hobo had where it would say "pew pew" every time it was shot.
  12. A good addition to the server would be to add a weapon named "♥♥♥'s Touch", and it's basically a weapon where your hand is in a gun looking position, like this: Sort of like the Heavy's gun taunt. (please add this)
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