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  1. im not saying your wrong as you did say some comp tickets. just wanted to say while i havent been comped recently i did get comped during the role back for my SC and Wildmonkei is the one who comped me, not cole. that being said that was months ago it very well may be different.
  2. i myself have also spent millions on them. keep in mind its luck based thing, you may not have gotten lucky, others definitely have, that being said as i stated earlier buying crates at all is a pointless endeavor compared to just buying a nice gun.
  3. 100% and to new players i even tell them to save up and buy a nice gun instead of opening crates. crates are the fools route
  4. honestly while i think its worth it, i think i should note that while ive had a profit overall on how much ive spent on them. ive never gotten a planetary and only around 3 cosmic drops, many ascendeds tho
  5. imo titans are worth it, and so are 50/50s 50/50s especially now with the fact that one highend can be deconned for more then two crates, and i have made a lot of profit off them. Titans are also the only reason i own the cosmic guns i do, let alone have an inventory.
  6. another man sees the light! but for real tho. at best you can get a decent ascended. and unless nothing needs to be rerolled you are better off deconing the item. and even then at best getting back half of what you spent for it.
  7. first good wacky round suggestion ive seen
  8. if you ask me they are not at all worth buying for anyone this year no matter how much IC you got. unless you get a ❤❤❤ roll you wont make any profit, and more often then not, you wont even get a gun.
  9. is this the first ive heard that you cant PC planetaries. ive heard that about newer ones but thats for them being new. Main reason im saying up to 800K is because its Slip-n-Slide which are gonna become more and more rare, not to mention it only needs a stat reroll, the talents are fine imo, but i could see people wanting to reroll them
  10. Take offers, Prob start at 500K IC, i see it hitting 800K at most tbh
  11. Id still have to disagree, only because Bhopping got neutered along with crouch jumping and Frog hopper. Sure i could say maybe in the past having a boss bhop away did suck, but it still but them at a disadvantage. also Silent would be useless no reason to test it, its a useless power up that was added because im sure it took no time to code in, which isnt a complaint mind you, im always down for new stuff, but its just flavor.
  12. i still have to disagree, and even in the one instance i can think of, thats because of gun talents like zombie and leech not because of powerups. The boss running away doesnt make him unkillable quite the opposite really. If the boss was as outright overpowered as you say then surely the boss would almost never loss unless they just didnt know what they were doing or had horrid guns, but truth be told many people who have played the game for a long time, and had great weapons still die as boss as long as the players fighting know what they are doing (not rushing him like idiots and instead holding down a room or two) and that they also have good guns. Heck some peoples guns can outheal boss damage, for instance having a nice Medicality and Leech on huge lovers often makes a bosses damage null as long as he isnt focusing you.
  13. of course using a powerup that increases health, will ya know, make their health higher. and healthbloom in the power up just says it add a flat +10-25 (i think the lowest is 10 idk i dont use healthblooms) if it was the way you state then it would have the % there like legit every other power up. i doubt its a one time mistake thats been unnoticed for years. also i have to disagree on that powerups should be disabled, if anything people just need to get better. a group of people that are organized can destroy boss within the minute and make him obsolete. which true they could just try to run away, but on most maps running tends to be a death sentence as there as so many people chasing you, and going invis hurts you as well, and if people know what the F key does being invis doesnt do much other then most likely put you in a worse position. I dont think boss needs a nerf, I think people just need to get more competent.
  14. Health bloom is a flat amount, not a percentile and so it does not scale with boss. at least thats what i think as thats how healthbloom looks, truth be told i dont know, but thats how it looks. correct me if im wrong. (also imo them having a good flame ❤❤❤❤❤❤ant is much worse)
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