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  1. Dno

    Bad talents

    I think the only real talents that need to be looked at are speed force and steroid. Having steroid give the damage buff and movement speed buff would make it a really solid T1 and remove a pretty mediocre T2 from the rotation.
  2. yeah except the slog where every pellet has the % chance to proc, which is how all the shotguns should be.
  3. Any shotgun in the game loses to the meta guns (M4's, Sterlings, MP5/5G, any AK in the game). Shotguns are not meta and aren't a very viable option.
  4. looks like a bug to me pls fix
  5. i like money ign. Dno Discord: Deano78#1665
  6. Dno

    Discord Changes

    I'm not sure when this became a thing but now it requires players to be level 4 on discord in order to use any of the trading channels (Selling, Buying, Lounge and Price Check). This is a terrible idea for a few reasons. 1. It restricts new players ability to get their items price checked, which can often lead to the player being scammed or taken advantage of. 2. It restricts players who may be a high level on the server, but not in discord, from selling their items on discord, which is the most popular place to sell items now a days. 3. It can lead to players ♥♥♥♥ posting on the discord just so they can reach level 4, which is a pointless and stupid grind that shouldn't even be something people need to worry about. With these 3 things in mind I think there needs to be some sort of rework either to the discord leveling system, or at the very least revert the changes made and allow all players to post in the trade room chats. EDIT: If there's any other negatives or proposed fixes you guys can think of, feel free to message me or just reply to the thread with concerns you may have. Thank you.
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