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  1. I mean with the addition of the aqua palm guns the monte is basically just an ascended Mp5 now. If it could roll cosmic stats/bars then i think it would be good to go.
  2. So the peace sentry only attacks people who damage someone infront of it, but for whatever reason when you walk over a player using Play Dead Taunt it gives you a hit marker even though you do no damage. The peace sentry doesn't care, it will destroy you if you do this. Fix please
  3. It's already pretty bad for actual gameplay, swift might make it not as bad.
  4. I think with the addition of the swift T1 talent it would be a nice change for the Faze Pro Player rifle to have a fixed swift roll instead of accurate. And anyone who thinks this would be OP or some other lame ❤❤❤ excuse, you're wrong.
  5. If its an option I don't see how it could be a problem so I'm in.
  6. we got hotline bling drake on a weapon skin already
  7. I think anyone who has used a BDF knows that the biggest downside of the gun is that it takes about 4 years to draw the gun. With the addition of draw and reload stats on the aqua palm crates I think adding the draw bar to the BDF could make them pretty viable.
  8. If they're just gonna stay as errors whats the point in keeping them in the game. They also allow for some cheesy ❤❤❤❤ like the pictures attached.
  9. this would be insanely broken. +1
  10. how bout flak lovers
  11. Dno

    Bad talents

    I think the only real talents that need to be looked at are speed force and steroid. Having steroid give the damage buff and movement speed buff would make it a really solid T1 and remove a pretty mediocre T2 from the rotation.
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