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  1. I understand that the laser beam vss left a sour taste in your mouths but don’t hold a grudge against the weapon. We have a to make an interesting weapon here as a community. please at least thing about this for a moment before saying screw it, and going “Gun was too op trash is where it will stay”
  2. This is a repost in a different topic discussion thread to see if can get more eyes.
  3. As the community knows the VSS got nerfed into the ground. The gun is unusable. 1. The accuracy is atrocious, first shot accuracy while hip firing is not dead center. When you full auto scoped and hipfire you can’t even hit anything point blank. The weapon is a hybrid between a sniper and an assault rifle and it functions as neither. suggestion is we make first shot accuracy 100% both when hip fired and scoped. Make it so the spread of bullets is capable of close range combat and anything farther than 20 feet should encourage the use of passed shots. And for longer ranges using the scope should decrease the rate of fire and make the gun more accurate kinda like how the p90 works. 2. The headshot multiplier doesn’t make any sense at all for the role that this gun is made for. It doesn’t even do double the dmg when aiming for headshots on most maps. long range kills are practically stupid and most of the time isnt worth it knowing you may not get a one tap headshot. Most engagements are rarely past 75+ feet so utilizing the variable distance headshot multiplier is useless, therefor making the ttk for this weapon garbage and useless as a sniper. I suggest we increase the multiplier to 2.5x making the headshot damage a little more rewarding and encouraged for players using the weapon at close and far distances. with these changes the vss can be made a viable weapon once again without being broken. if you have any opposing view points or any other suggestions let me know in a comment. Literally cant hit anything with that gun you can be tap firing someone 10 feet away and miss every shot, its useless. why does it even exist in the game when worn shotguns are more accurate than it. please for the love of ♥♥♥ fix this gun.
  4. It either needs to be completely reworked or just put back to release stats
  5. The point i want to make is that i want the vss to be hybrid between a sniper and an assault rifle, not just a sniper.
  6. b u m p cause the word b u m is censored
  7. I didnt know the vss got a buff, i thought it was always like it was before.
  8. Can I get some actually constructive feedback not just copy spam of hqp please and thank you
  9. The vss was a laser beem nightmare it wouldn’t make sense to do that
  10. Bump please more feedback
  11. yes im aware but the changes that im suggesting are not to make the vss that way. It's to find a happy medium between assault rifle and sniper rifle.
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