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  1. pluto is gay come back pls

  2. Lmao i was in the chat Also its not my responsibility to find proof for your claim, its yours
  3. Just to clarify im not against you im just adding my input to what ive seen I cant explain how wrong you are. First of all id like proof. And second of all if you were in the vcs you could definetly hear that we just wanted out of moat.gg and just wanted to make our way out with a bang. suddenly moat has ADHD? he completely denied taking them to many people while telling others he was addicted. Somethings not adding up. Its too late to fix it, the damage was done. There might be 10 staff members by the end of the week. If not less. Every player that has been here before 2019 is quiting completely and trying to get banned while at it. Moat has said he was only in it for the money and has stopped himself or others from banning members because they donated a shitton. I'd really suggest to watch @JohnInvictus's video about all of the shit moats said. Even in the comment section moat is providing us with more proof against himself. lmfao moat really be trying to tell us this shit now. What made us stop loving it was when he stopped caring. He was in it for himself and if you were here when he did care youd see a huge difference. Moat is actually retarded for trying to pull that but in the end meep.gg best moat did this to himself and he shouldnt be surprised that meepen and leo and jam and everyone else snapped
  4. Not words, Moat said that, personally I would like forums trading
  5. Moat said he wants trading to have to be person to person so theres actual human interaction inbetween people
  6. I'm Nathan and I approve this message
  7. Well the 18+ was going to be a thing, moat might have even said it would (I dont really remember) but it just never came out. Even though we were omega hyped. Honestly I think its a good thing it didnt come out because it sounded pretty dumb to me in the first place
  8. I said "moat is gay anyways" and got bped in the discord then banned
  9. I'd just like to say you can be banned for saying your opinion which is gay
  10. When I saw DJ for number 1 I got excited but it wasnt me :(. Miss you

  11. The bouncey balls are dumb in the first place imo +1
  12. The only way to stop people from stealing it is by holding it yourself so this is dumb pls close
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