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  1. I said try harder, not respond with memes. What else you got?
  2. nice meme but you know thats not true in the slighest, try harder next time
  3. two weeks until moat demands ownership back
  4. oh no i lost my MVP!!!!

    1. Professional Shitposter

      Professional Shitposter

      oh god oh fuck the endtimes are upon us

    2. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ
  5. Imagine being complicit and enabling Moat's destructive behavior, imagine.

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    2. Cole


      Crazy Brazy

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      YG - Still Brazy (Official Audio) https://youtu.be/jxnWAoM9Lf4 via @YouTube

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      Thanks for the checkmark mayne @Lovely

  6. My thread was deleted, so if you're here wondering where I've gone; I've basically resigned from Creative team and leaving the community as a whole.


  7. lovely#2008 on discord boys 😎 we had a good run

  8. Yeah honestly. The biggest difference between CSGO gambling/lootcrates and MG is fake money is used instead of real money here.
  9. We're disconnected from the rest of the devs, we don't even have feedback access, the team hasn't felt like a team since Footsies left, feedback is difficult between us and the other devs. As much as I'd like to work, it feels like the environment doesn't exist. We're working alone and being given one or two words of critique on WIPS that essentially boil down to "yes" or "good" We don't feel involved, as much as I'd like to work and do stuff for the server we aren't in any way recognized and not even so by the devs. Sure you give your feedback, but just recently you went back on your word with me on the new summer logo, told me we already had one despite the idea being greenlit, then when it was finished you said it was good before telling me it was essentially shit and didn't offer for me to fix or polish it up so it could actually be used. Yes I understand your criticism on the contrast and dark background, however to see it change to last year's logo, not even being consulted about it, not even offered the chance to salvage it was incredibly heartbreaking. To see improvements from us there needs to be improvements in the environment and team.
  10. when does creative team get representation/recognition
  11. And call it Bond's Best Pee!
  12. new gun bonds best pee uses jarate model from TF2
  13. CONCEPT PIC it is a phone model that shoots feet pics at ppl and deals 20 damage with 700 rpm and the alternate fire will send nudes and we can call that bond's best nudes or something or make that a new gun too idk let me know what u think????