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  1. My news year resolution is not to be so sad all the time ;)
  2. Hi, I want to explain this. So, first of all, he asked me if I was willing to trade any of my items, obviously, I traded him and he was interested in my m16. He offered his xm and 5k when I told him that my friend, BECAUSE HE WANTED IT, was willing to give me 10k and his legendary ak he asked and found out it was true. I never said his offer was not enough nor did I say other PLAYERS were offering 30k. Recently, about 2-3 days later or something, he asks me if he can have his XM back and I said I had already used the points, he said it was fine and I was ok with trading back so I asked for the m16 back obviously to trade with my friend. He lets me know he had sold the m16 and I told him that I couldnt do that, and that I felt bad that he wasnt happy with the trade also saying that he should not of traded away the m16 if he wanted to trade back. If anything, you can ask for more information. Thanks for reading.
  3. I was there pretty much the entire time, maybe even longer than him, He even sent ME the report. He was just chilling, messing around, WAS NOT afk. He gave valid reasons and stuff, I think he should get unbanned.