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  1. There's people with 10+ Boo-tifuls in their inventory, this would destroy the economy.
  2. Pretty sure this only applies to the main discord, we could also just not allow images and we would be fine...
  3. They don't exist. The bow is not a base weapon, so.
  4. This is probably why it would be a pvp thing, not a player vs house thing. Though I guess people could team up but it wouldn't be hard to spot someone throwing away a good hand. Or just bidding and then folding. Since it would be PvH there would be a tax on the pot payout. It has it's flaws but it's also very fun to sit with some friends and bet fake money.
  5. You were literally just warned for ♥♥♥♥ posting, what's wrong with you?
  6. You need literally nothing on a gun except for RPM for it to be broken. On top of that with how the hitreg works a lot of the time the shots are all registered at once, meaning it's basically a 1 tap shotgun people don't have time to react to. No superior gun should come anywhere near the RPM cap and you saying they can reach it just as easily as ascendeds really is a counter argument to yourself. Also, opening your argument with 'As someone who collects rapids...' shows a pretty obvious bias towards them.
  7. Based on the evidence provided, the offender will be banned for 1 week for Purposeful RDM x1[3rd Offense]. Thank you for the report! Closed and Archived
  8. It's funny seeing how many of you disagree, I 100% agree with this, guns should not be shooting this fast with little to no downside. It's absurd. The time to kill is basically nothing, you leave no reaction time for your opponents and it's a superior! Something that can be mutated over and over again that was easy and cheap to obtain should not be this over powered. People are paying upwards of 100k for a superior item, is that not obvious enough that there is a problem with this tier? If anything, just give it a bad kick stat so the person using it has to focus on SOMEthing.
  9. Maybe add an ascended item that let's you pose it once and then the 'face mutator' disappears? Or something in the shop like the name tags where you can pay to change it once. This seems really cool if possible though.
  10. I think this is better than a free promotion, we literally had a T-Staff get on like 3 times in a month and they got mod and then resigned right after just to prove a point. The auto promotion makes no sense to me because it gives them a feeling of accomplishment whether they deserved it or not, with the replies not only are they able to improve but it gives a chance to the higher-ups to see who a person really is.
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