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  1. TTT follows a very similar format to games such as epic mafia, throne of lies, town of salem, space station 13, and many many more games. One of the things TTC brings to the table is roles. This is important because many of the roles from any of these games could potentially fit into TTC. Let me go through some of them. Roles- -Bomb: The bomb role is a role that is innocent, but, upon being killed, explodes and everybody around the bomb will die to a prop explosion. -Misanthropist: Upon death, this innocent role instead of dying, will become completely immune to damage for five seconds and then die. -Turncoat: Every thirty seconds, switches between being a traitor and innocent. -Priest: Upon being killed by a traitor, turns them into an innocent. Upon being killed by an innocent, turns them into jester that can't win. Innocent. -Cult Leader: Like a serial killer, except every four kills, they get to convert another player to cultist. Cult members kills stack with each other. Cult members may kill themselves for an extra kill. Replaces serial killer from being picked sometimes. -Bride: May choose to marry someone, which if that person accepts, their role gets revealed to everybody in chat. If rejected, chat says the name of the player who rejected. Innocent. -Alien: Has to probe every living player at least once in order to win and can't damage anybody just like a jester. Probing someone makes them make an "AHH my leg" noise and the player has to be probed while the alien is next to them. Replaces the jester from being picked sometimes. -Light Keeper: Upon death, blinds everybody for ten seconds without warning unless beacon dies. Sided with innocents. -Gambler: Declares who will die next. If the next person to die isn't that person, the gambler dies. If the gambler declares the correct person twice, they instantly win the game. Declarations aren't revealed until after the next person dies. Gambler is a third party that may take the role of the jester and can't win if dead, but, can't damage anybody either. -Disguiser: Upon killing someone for the first time and first time only, will switch appearances with the person killed and the person killed will appear as a traitor. Replaces hitman sometimes. -Quack: Traitor sided doctor that replaces hitman sometimes. -Lover: Very similar to the jester, but, wins if the player they love and themselves, live to the end of the round. If either of them die, they both die. Can't damage anybody. Replaces jester. -Heart Breaker: Pretends to be lover, but, doesn't die when partner dies. Partner dies when heart breaker dies. Wins with traitors. Replaces hitman sometimes. -Lawyer: Replaces hitman sometimes. Allows a single traitor to appear innocent upon death. -Old Maid: Can never win under any circumstances. May swap roles with another player adjacent to themselves, making a similar noise to the alien probing, once every minute. Replaces jester. -Mastermind: Like the jester in terms of role slot, but, may damage other players. Appears as a traitor to traitors. Has the traitors same agenda. If all innocents die and the mastermind isn't discovered by the traitors and killed, the mastermind will win instead.
  2. I explain it in paragraph 3. Even innocents can use weapons like that, but, what do you do when you need to get the edge around plays of a similar or greater skill level?
  3. In the video, there is only one thing which I do wrong, and that's not warn my traitor buddies that I placed mine turtles. So let me go over a few concepts with traitor that are less popular with people. 1. When I used the swapper in the video, you may have noticed the guy watching didn't try and shoot me. The reason for this is because in a swap, either the other person or myself could have been the traitor, meaning shooting me was potentially shooting an innocent. It was purely suspicion if I was a traitor at that point, but, highly suspicious. If you ever get killed for this, be sure to report it. If you can get kills or get other players killed without being kosable, then clearly this is going to be a highly tactical choice. Obviously not wearing a disguiser did me a lot of good when swapping. 2. One of the primary things to being a traitor is being aware of the location of other players. There is no better way than getting a radar and pretending there is a point of interest on the map, such as a glitch at a location or some hidden map feature that doesn't exist. I demonstrate this in this video, which people actually try to peek out at see for themselves, allowing me to take them out. By placing mine turtles inside the cave on the map, I was capable of limiting movement from other players, which was the primary purpose as I didn't want any surprises. To further my chances of living, my location I chose before I started killing was also in part decided with limiting the mobility of other players in mind while staying stealthy. The best stealth is knowing the limitations over someone elses mobility, even if they have good vision. Moving from the start is important, as well as wasting no time in taking action, as sometimes you can never tell what's around the corner. 3.When you absolutely have to engage in close quarters combat, be sure to have a buddy next to you or near you. Sure, some players may go through the entire map with no problems killing everybody by themselves, but, other players try to utilize the tools they are given instead because it's what gives the final edge over everybody else in terms of being a traitor. That being said, you can see my buddy didn't help me despite nobody else watching and we had the advantage at the moment. Because my partner hesitated, I lost my fight and later on, he lost the round because we were down a traitor that wasn't afraid to kill other players. Don't be this guy.
  4. In-Game Name of Offender: Soap SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:126268973 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #3 Date of Incident: 05/11/18 Report Reason: RDM After Proven What Happened: Some guy noticed I had low hp and I believed this is what made them suspect I was a traitor and kill me without asking any questions. Not sure what that's about. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  5. In-Game Name of Offender: timmxoh and ZKF_Legion moat.gg SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:217029788 and STEAM_0:1:51473898 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #3 Date of Incident: 05/11/18 Report Reason: Attempted Intentional RDM What Happened: Two people attempted RDM on a player that was double proven. These two players were camping the roof of a building. They waited about twenty seconds after the target they selected had been proven by killing a traitor. For no reason what so ever, they began opening first. It's clear these two are in with each other on the act, as they don't open fire at each other. Both of them died and when the bodies were identified, they were both innocent. This was purposely attempting to rdm as organized trolling. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  6. In-Game Name of Offender: Git reeeeeeekt SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:72117994 Which server was this on?: TTT #1 Date of Incident: 05/10/18 Report Reason: RDM What Happened: Near the end of the round, I was wondering around the map. I wanted to go to the little wooden tower on the side of the map where I could get a good view of things. Suddenly an innocent person RDMed me. I asked them in voice chat if they claimed that location in text chat, which after not getting an answer, I checked to see if they did. They didn't. They never claimed the location in voice chat either and I don't have them blocked. They didn't read the rules. Likely all they would of gotten was slayed for this, but, staff in the support section suggested I post this here instead. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Of course not Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  7. Most TTT servers ban people permanently off a single accusation and have no forum to appeal, even with logs. The idea here isn't that I'm saying every staff member is corrupt or something like that, but, that if any single bad apple is left to do whatever they please, then they will turn all the other apples bad as well.
  8. But the people are real and so are their feelings D:<
  9. Thanks for the attempt to make a flame/troll post IAwesomeNathan. 6/10
  10. There's plenty of rules that are being stretched by staff members that dislike criticism and thus attack players that criticize them by either refusing to enforce a rule all together or purposely pretending there isn't enough evidence of something despite claims contradicting the situation. I want to show you guys examples, but, unfortunately it would give staff members an excuse to archive and lock my thread fairly early (My last thread lasted an hour before being locked. It was a player complaint. Staff never gave witnesses time to post in the thread). Here are the rules that would patch the holes dirty staff abuse in order to attack people who try and criticize them for being lazy. 0. Staff can't give warning to rule breakers unless the rules say that is part of the punishment. 1. A KOS is only valid if it's in text chat. Voice chat KOS are invalid and can lead to being slayed. 2. Calling anybody by terms such as little boy, kid, bitch, shit head, idiot, moron, troglodyte, ect. is harassment. 3. Opening the traitor room as a traitor without telling traitor partners, throwing an incendiary as innocent without warning other innocents, or anything along those lines, is RDM if a team member dies because of it and kosable if you're innocent. These are the common things staff members use for favortism. Rule 0 for example is a thing I added because staff members will warn some people and ban others or other staff members will just do what they want with someone who broke a rule like intentional RDM. What happens is someone comes on the forums and post in the staff complaint section of the forum on a staff member. Obviously there won't be too much evidence unless you record 24/7 which is a requirement apparently on this server. After staff are put on high alert toward one staff member that bends the rules a bit, the person who reported them essentially doesn't get any staff online when they call them on the discord and the staff will look for excuses to intentionally refuse to punish whoever rdmed the guy that reported a staff member. Because of this, I'm stating staff members should have to enforce the rules black and white. A while ago, someone lied in a thread which was closed in less than an hour by a staff member so that witnesses couldn't have time to post inside the thread if they had anything to contribute to the thread, such as video evidence. Because of that, I suggest rule 1. You have to use text chat to tell someone to stop blocking the door way, so why don't you have to use text chat to kos someone? Same principle. Staff members use voice chat as an excuse for a lack of evidence, even if logs show otherwise. You can't prove someone kosed you in voice chat if you didn't record, yet, you also can't prove someone didn't kos you in voice chat, thus, giving staff members room to pick sides, which is what icymonarch did. Calling anybody names obviously leads to them getting upset, which gives staff room to ban the victim instead of the person sitting there harassing people when the victim has to sick there and take it. I merely said someone is too much of a coward to shoot me and was warned for harassment. I didn't even say it in a harassing way. The guy shot me even though I didn't dare them or tell them to shoot me, thus, they weren't in trouble for intentional RDM when they shot me as an innocent. The bottom line only matters when IcyMonarch and other staff feel like it matters. I'v been called bitch multiple times by people who were toxic and targetted me for having a microphone, yet never once did they get in trouble for harassment. I block them and next thing you know, they rdm me and use voice chat as an excuse and IcyMonarch is more than happy to consider that reason enough to disregard the rdm entirely. I'v died many times when traitors open the traitor room and let innocents inside, which kill me because I didn't know a traitor let an innocent in the traitor room. Even after the traitor admits they did it, they still don't get in trouble because there isn't a rule that is forcefully enforced by staff on the subject. On top of this, I'v been incendiary grenaded for being afk the first five second of a match by innocents who clearly rdmed me, or push me off the edge of a ship with a crowbar and I can't tell who did it because it doesn't tell me. Add logs for crowbar right clicks. Add logs for traitor room activations (you can do this by map editing the entity properties).
  11. I didn't false kos you in voice chat. Myth "Already" kosed you and I merely said and I quote verbatim "Myth already kosed you first". I never said the initial kos on you nor did I kos you in the game verbally.
  12. In-Game Name of Offender: |sidescroller| SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:158953020 Which server was this on?: TTT Beta Date of Incident: 05/10/18 Report Reason: Intentional RDM What Happened: So the first image I uploaded to attach shows sidescroller getting kosed in chat by myth. Sidescroller apparently claims they kosed myth first in voice chat, but, I had to block sidescroller because they were very toxic and always argue with everybody in a manner that impedes communication and a pleasant experience. I can still hear what sidescroller says in regular text chat. I didn't attempt to shoot at sidescroller and I didn't even see sidescroller, when suddenly sidescroller snuck up to me and shot in the back. I died obviously because I didn't have enough time to turn and shoot, but, was shocked to see that as a witch doctor, the regular doctor killed me. Apparently he said that the reason he killed me was because I blocked him or something along those lines. I called staff but none came so I had to take screen shots and post it here. He repeatedly spammed "False kos" in my pms for some odd reason right after as well. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No staff Witnesses: Myth trouble173[moat.gg] Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  13. BaconNinja killing detective isn't rdm 100% of the time. Many staff members let people kill detectives that attempt to rdm players or let the falsely kosed player kill the false kosing detective. I'v seen this many times. Staff members are claimed this isn't against the rules so long as the detective was targeting you specifically. See? even you didn't know that it seems.
  14. More detailed situations. For example, next to RDM you could add something like don't kill a detective unless they are harming you, even if they are harming other people.
  15. At least put ever rule that gets people permabanned or banned for a day. It's really upsetting to me that someone was day banned for shooting a detective that was false kosing everybody, yet someone who shoots someone and kills them intentionally while making the "excuse" they suspected they were traitor, gets a slay.
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