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  2. I once put the mask of the father on a thread so it could be added, but I guess this is the closest we'll get to dark souls
  3. also I'd like to know where I said "ONLY IF A DETECTIVE KOSS someone you can go kill them"
  4. jesus fucking christ that was not what I was implying, quit twisting my words
  5. plus the detective is also a supporting role due to the things he can do which help innocents in a massive scale, such as dropping a health station, defusing a c4, feeding someone a sandwich, etc etc. so they're more likely to be targeted, and since awps and other insta weapons exist they're most likely gonna be used against them
  6. did you ignore what I said here? did you even bother paying attention? in this one I did say if someone's called out then yeah go ahead go fuck them up
  7. unless the traitor is kosed then yeah
  8. they don't have access to the same tools as the detectives and they're also unable to shoot anyone on sight cause it's rdm also the game already says that the detectives job is to hunt down traitors this isn't the same description for innocents
  9. yes to survive but as I said, it's not their job to actively be searching for traitors, only to survive lol as being in direct contact with contact with a traitor will most likely result in certain death, depending on what they're using
  10. 75 xp sounds good, I mean like it's not the innocents job to go actively hunting down the traitors but 75 would be good
  11. Then again, the 100 xp encourges the detectives to do their fucking jobs
  12. Have you ever seen an effect with a skin? and how
  13. the amount of times I've seen a fucking compliment just to click on it and seeing that it's a complaint like Said admin banned me incorrectly for saying pee pee in the church. Is not unusual, this'll help differentiate between the two and also helps avoid a metaphorical blue balls
  14. sonds liek fon, les add