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  1. Your Name: Feline Your Steam ID: 76561198066085632 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #2 Staff Member that Banned You: diesel Ban Reason: Inventory Exploit Ban Length: Permanent Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: I deconned some items and was suddenly banned permanently for no decernable reason Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: No
  2. Feline

    Buff Stalker

    the problem with that is that its boring. and getting spotted by one person can really screw you over easily since you only have 1k hp
  3. @Free Pizza and yet a worn peace keeper could overpower it prenerf, the SG550 damage wise is in a good spot, the problem with it (and rifle lovers) is it’s lack of the ability to scope, Prenerf just made it into a weaker MSBS that could deal 200 dmg on headshot post nerf made it into a deagle in the primary slot that is as weak as a worn deagle
  4. find a middle ground between prebuff and post buff, The VSS should be inaccurate when firing rapidly (with a similar accuracy to that of the flak) which would be better accuracy then prebuff but not as stupidly accurate as post buff Fix the rifle lovers they are unusable at the moment as they have no redeeming qualities, make it so you can zoom in using the scope, or at the very least give it similar treatment as the other akimbo weapons (increased firerate) Make the SG550 similar to prenerf but not as powerful. give it prenerf firerate and make it incapable of one tap headshotting if put into the game
  5. A collection of semi rare weapons that can only be obtained through level ups, or some drops similar to the T & D tokens
  6. Feline

    Buff Stalker

    @DemonOoOLegion stalker (but only if you have your shader and shadow settings set to high) is completely visible as long as you look at it with your flashlight
  7. @DemonOoOLegion what I meant by the RDM prompt is the fact that it pops up even when you’ve been killed by a traitor as an inno
  8. Finally. If this gets accepted I’ll be able to punish the jerks that keep flashing people
  9. Feline

    Buff Stalker

    People almost never pick stalker rounds due to the fact that stalker sucks the only way to win is by delaying and picking off people one by one or just by camping and tossing knives Add a few ways of taking care of groups, make it more similar to other depictions of the game mode (give it a single grenade) Add a penalty to delaying (like make it take damage or emit smoke for example) increase its health
  10. Feline

    Odd Karma

    Due to the fact that you get banned if your karma gets too low, combined with the fact that karma now carries over across all servers. TTC is unplayable unless you decide to spend a few rounds doing nothing
  11. Feline

    TTC needs bug fixes

    Currently, Hitman & SK are incapable of completing dailies or leveling up weapons, by extension, both lose karma or cause karma loss upon killing or being killed Witch Doctor is able to revive SK & Ts , this has been worked around by having it coinsidered meta gaming when it shouldn’t even be possible In the first place The RDM prompt is brought up no matter who kills you TTC is fun, problem is that almost everyone plays so they can level up or complete dailies, since this isn’t possible at the moment no one plays it unless they have already gotten end game meme weapons
  12. Feline

    Fix Serial Killer

    Right now when killing or being killed by serial killer you lose karma and don't recieve weapon xp this needs to be fixed
  13. These were fun. Why was it removed?
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