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  1. Serves them right for ruining my spot
  2. Split powerups into two categories: Sub and primary. You can only have one primary powerup equipped and nothing else, Sub powerups can be combined with other sub power ups. There would be a primary slot and a sub slot, if the primary slot has a primary equipped then nothing can be equipped into the sub slot, if a sub is placed into the primary slot, the sub slot will remain open for another sub powerup
  3. make a wide slot with wide powerups that take up the entire slot while other powerups take up half the slot
  4. Ricochet projectiles don’t do damage
  5. Silenced guns are only useful against people who don’t have eyes, silent is currently completely useless
  6. The sound, and current animation
  7. Feline

    Silent Buff

    Give Silent the ability to hide muzzle flashes or the ability to remove tracers, so that you can be even more of a sneaky ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  8. If you want more staff become staff, it’s not that hard.
  9. Four Leaf Clover lowers chances of debuffs triggering on you increases chances of buffs triggering on hit enemies
  10. Yeah I hate how they turned the VSS into a more accessible deadshot 😂
  11. i want to be able to see
  12. couldnt think of anything original for the one in the chamber, but im not a dev dont be afraid to put ideas in the forums, even if you think it might be a bad idea i expected to recieve negative reactions from the first one of these i posted ( the push n shove) then a lot of people said that the idea of event exclusive extincts was appealing so i decided to write a bunch of concepts got negative reactions rethought it then made this
  13. if anything its trash, i mean its just a revolver that has 1 magsize and deals the same damage as a normal revolver, its just that it only takes ammo when you dont hit anything
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