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  1. Can we get Not Soufflé to make a full custom moat sound pack with all drop sounds and custom death sounds
  2. After the rollback I the large majority of my inventory was lost because the other party in trading didn’t have to roll back. I have made comp tickets but after weeks with no sign of me receiving them back I have made this post with hope to receive my items. I took a video inventory on the 4th (the day when people started loosing their inventory) so I could get my stuff back. I got a BBP and a Warriochi from Flipper123 (Flipper#9598) and he didn’t roll back. I also got a rapid peacekeeper from MrHounds who also didn’t roll back. I a,so had a lightsaber but have not been able to find out if the other party had rolled back but I don’t thing so because they have been inactive and not responding to any of my messages. I will add trade logs tomorrow when I’m in game but hopefully this is enough. Message me in discord •leon•#4832 for any further evidence. Here is the video -
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