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  1. Yeah sure I see nothing wrong with unloading my entire clip on someone then reloading for 0.2 seconds and be able to shoot again, seems very balanced to me kappa
  2. Why tf was the threshold raised all the way up to 200 for the new swift talent? It wasn't even announced in the #whatsnew channel in the discord and nobody asked for this. This is honestly not normal and shouldn't exist. https://imgur.com/a/U19g8F9 https://imgur.com/a/Ttzz9JV
  3. Don’t let people get to you like that, best thing to do is to just ignore them if they’re being toxic. It isn’t wise to stoop to their level of behavior especially on a gaming community. In my opinion I feel it’s silly to leave over one incident but you do you and best of luck.
  4. There’s basically no flaws with the peacekeeper. It is insanely accurate at range, has no recoil, does more damage than any other assault rifle while still keeping the same base RPM of other ARs, and it has almost no damage dropoff. It’s been needing a nerf for months now idk why moat hasn’t done that yet. Oh yeah it also has the potential to 3 tap to the chest with 1K RPM with a high enough focus %
  5. You just have to be careful and watch your surroundings. Best thing to do is to buy a radar and slowly kill innocents that are by themselves, also it's only 5 kills at least it isn't something extreme like 10 or 11 kills.
  6. Joules also aren’t guaranteed all the stats more specifically the draw and reload
  7. There’s been some comp tickets that have been left out in the dust from 2 years ago. Don’t expect for comp tickets to be handled immediately, just gotta be patient.
  8. It causes extreme lag problems on the server whenever someone buys it from the T menu and makes people angry and leave, please remove this ty
  9. ThatAintFalco


    I liked how the staff system was back then when most of the time pings were answered and reports were done in a timely manner. Now it's just the opposite from what I've seen, especially when I try to call for staff and they never respond. Yes, I know we all have our own personal lives to adhere to particularly with the quarantine period, but come on there's at least 25 staff members right now 1 or 2 should just be able to answer people's questions/concerns.
  10. I’m fine with another wipe as long as everything goes back to normal. It doesn’t seem fair that people including myself have overpowered weapons that have insanely short ttk, shorter than even the call of duty franchise. If there is no wipe which there probably won’t be let’s just hope that he’s made backups to reset everything.
  11. IGN: ThatAintFalco Discord: ThatAintFalco#3342 We've played a few times especially on the mc servers and you’d always kill me on your t rounds.
  12. Sometimes I’ll have those moments where my game freezes for a couple seconds like it crashed or my ping just skyrockets up to 300 and then goes back down. These things don’t happen normally though, it only happens occasionally as far as I know.
  13. Why would we buff the rpm? I don’t think anyone here realizes that the m14 can one tap to the head with high enough damage stat
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SuaSJszdmGSJ0eQb7-e1LXUbn6d-W7V8QZ_P9SUSvPg/htmlview# This is a discontinued spreadsheet of all the current weapons in the game. The drop chances are under the crates tab excluding the holiday crates/chocolates.
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