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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Mae SteamID of Offender: Happened on discord Which server was this on?: On the discord server Date of Incident: 06/29/2019 Report Reason: Toxicity towards player What Happened: A player named ScientistA2 (A.K.A Sugarcoat) had recently attempted to commit suicide, and due to that his girlfriend took control of the account to warn us of the occurance. Later, Mae joined general chat and started becoming extremely toxic towards Sugarcoat, claiming that sugar did, in fact, not commit suicide and was just faking it for attention (Mae did not give any kind of proof to those claims). After some arguing, pandora (a moderator) joined the channel and after some investigation bad placed Mae. However, not even 1 minute later, Mae had been good placed by MOAT (as evident by xenophillius's screenshot), which then Mae would continue being agressive against sugar's girlfriend. After being frustrated and angered by the whole situation, she left the discord server. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Pandora Witnesses: SirPandora PhantomVir Xenophilius Scar-20 ScientistA2 Evidence: The following screenshots show the entire story from start to finish (when i said boomer, i was talking to someone who posted 3 links in chat) After this point, Mae had returned from the bad place not even 1 minute later This next screenshot comes from @Xenophilius (who was bad placed for the same reason as Mae) and it shows moat good placing Mae UPDATE: @ScientistA2 is back under a new name, The Chimeran Overlord Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  2. give the model it's own special tier: the "BREATHTAKING" tier also make it cost 2 mil actually he's so valuable to the point he's priceless
  3. replying to this so the chances of this appearing in general chat reduce by 1% epic style (and yes, i agree)
  4. i agree a lot with this this post. in my opinion, the ruleset of moat feels like a "who shot first?" kind of game, while TTT was intended to feel like a "whodunnit?" kind of game. i don't like the rules. you can be 100% certain who did it, but due to the rules you can't do jack ♥♥♥♥ about it because if you DO try to kill them they reply "YoU dIdN't SeE iT!!11!1! MoDs, RdM!1!!" (note: obviously exaggerated, but point still stands). It almost feels like we can't actually use our brains. I absolutely agree with what you posted, and that the rules should ABSOLUTELY change sometime in the near future.
  5. BEFORE READING THIS THREAD PLEASE NOTE: MOST OF THE THINGS WRITTEN HERE ARE MY OPINION ON WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO TTC. SO THEREFORE NOT ALL THE IDEAS PRESENTED ON THIS POST COULD ACTUALLY BE GOOD IDEAS TO PUT ON THE GAMEMODE. PLEASE READ THIS POST WITH THIS IN MIND. I'll begin this thread with someone everyone can agree on: the hitman is one of, if not THE worst role in TTC. for one: you can rarely find your target on large maps (I.E: rooftops, lighthouse, dolls, etc...) and if you actually do find your target it's already too late on the round. An easy way to circumvent this is by either: Giving him a radar to begin with Or just give him 1 credit to begin with (Credit sharing would also work wonders) In summary: Please for the love of ♥♥♥ buff the hitman. Make finding his target easier Next is the beacon. He is an interesting idea for a role, however it is badly executed. Why is that? Let me tell you: His main gimmick, the lightning strike only lasts about half a second and is really hard to see. if you didn't see it, then too bad! He feels more than a filler than an actual role. A lot more could be done about it. Like for example: The lightning stike could last over 3 seconds so people could actually see the strike Anyone near the lightning strike could be able to see where the body is for 5 seconds A ring of light could surround the body for 15 seconds or so or until the body is identified In summary: The beacon could be a better role than it already is Next is the innocent role. First of all, really? Adding the innocent is the biggest stretch in the history of stretches. It's clearly filler. But here is what he could do: He could have 1 indentifier charge that can identify the role of 1 and only 1 player during the match Or if nothing is done to him... just remove his role from TTC in general. It's literally the most boring role ever. ♥♥♥♥, the beacon is just an innocent but he ACTUALLY does something special In summary: Do something cool with the innocent, otherwise just remove him. It's just waste of space that could be done with something better Next is the jester. It's one of the most fun roles to play in TTC since you can just shoot people and hope you could be killed for doing so. However a little more could be done to them: If the jester is the last one alive they could turn them into a regular innocent role that can actually damage players. This is so the jester could actually become a viable role in round endgame when there are about 3-2 people left In summary: I don't think anything should be done to the jester, it's an already good role. But giving him something else to play with would be nice as well Next is the phoenix. I think the phoenix is an excellent role, since you can come back. And i also belive he is balanced, however some things about him should be changed: I personally don't know if this is intentional or not but, when a phoenix tests it shouldn't pop up as red. It usually confuses people and sometimes the phoenix player who gets killed after testing reports his killer (if he is innocent) that he rdmed him. Which is a bad thing. If this is intentional then please change it so it pops as green. If that is NOT intentional then i urge that this is fixed ASAP In summary: I like the phoenix role but i believe it should be slightly better than it currently is. So this is my post with personal feedback on TTC. If you disagree or agree on one or more things on this post, please feel free to reply about it and why you agree/disagree on any argument made here. If you want to you can also add to this post by replying with ideas as to what else could be done. Thanks in advance! -SUCC [D.A.N.K]
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