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  1. Many different people have suggested StatTrak-type items before, I'd rather not link like 100 posts
  2. Some ideas for extinct mutators Description mutator: adds a small custom description to your item (would appear underneath the name when hovering over the item) Name effect mutator: changes the effect of the name of your item, similar to how you can change your rank effect at rank 100 Name colour mutator: same as above but for the colour In addition I think it would be cool if extincts had a small chance to drop name mutators upon decon, along with the other mutators above. Also people have suggested it before but a StatTrak mutator could also fit into the extinct mutator category.
  3. 100% this, change it to "Win a round as a traitor or detective without buying any non-passive items"
  4. I understand Source and by extention Gmod can be buggy but each explosion has a set radius that as of writing does not change, there is no RNG involved in regards to explosion radius nor is this a stat that can be changed. Again correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure dynamic props don't block explosions. Brushes and static props are easy to determine whether or not the explosion has hit them because they're well, static. Again I'm happy for the rule to have a clause stating a kill can fall under association in situations where they're undoubtedly a T (Eg on AFKs). This suggestion is mainly meant to cover these situations
  5. Considering that already happens with regular bullets and other forms of attack there really isn't much you can do to prevent that (aside from the rule obviously but the cons outweigh the pros, at least in my opinion). Gmod is a buggy mess at its core and there's no changing that. Perhaps the rule could be changed to accomodate this, and only allow kills if the explosion/fire is within X HU of someone (Death scene and mod disgression can be used for this) Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't blood come out of the person in this case? One thing I could suggest to prevent this is for a black explosion mark to be left on the player's model to indicate they have clearly been harmed by the TNT (like the paintball splatter but for an explosion mark. I'm fine with the rule being reworked in order to prevent situations such as what Coldstuff has described, not being able to kill for that is *very* annoying. Standing in fire and taking no damage is a clear cut sign of being a T, no matter what.
  6. "If a player doesn't take damage from a Traitor's explosives, that is NOT a valid reason to KOS them. That's only a valid suspicion." Currently, there is no other way to take 0 damage from a traitor explosive/fire other than being a traitor yourself. This means that this rule literally stops you from killing someone who is 100% undoubtably a T, which is incredibly dumb. I have 2 different ideas to correct this: 1. Remove the rule entirely 2. Rework the rule to allow killing if the explosion was caused by a T trap, explosive prop/entity, TNT/Dynamite, Babynade, or incendiary granade. This can help stop confusion with things such as explosive pigeons and C4s, where the radius of the explosion is more difficult to judge.
  7. Attached is a list of all current contract weapons from the spreadsheet. Despite being base weapons, it's missing the following guns: - Peacekeeper - Springfield - VSS - SL0G-3 - MP5K - Scorpion EVO - P228 - CZ-75 A lot of these can be excused since they're recent additions to the base weapons list, but stuff like the peacekeeper should definitely have been on the list. Additionally I think that it would be nice to have titan and other non-base weapons as contract weapons, given that they can be relatively easily obtained nowadays thanks to meme crates and seasonal events (would be best to draw the line at weapons where it only has 1-2 uniques however, such as the golden deagle, double barrel, duals, etc.). This would also apply to gun specific bounties.
  8. Worded it a bit poorly, my final suggestion is that karma should just be disabled entirely for everyone, I was just saying that while it could be disabled for higher levels it wouldn't be very fair, so it should just be turned off completely. Obviously there are gonna be high levels who still RDM (I accidentally RDM a lot, mistakes happen), the karma system is designed to deter mass RDM/trolling, not really singular kills or purp RDM (not mass). Self defense detection would be great but thinking about it from a development standpoint it would seem like a lot of time and effort would be needed, as opposed to just slapping "ttt_karma 0" into the server config. Will edit the post to make my final point clearer.
  9. Karma is a system put in place so that TTT can function as intended even without human input (moderators). This system works great to deter trolls on small-medium sized TTT servers with little to no moderators. For a servers like moat.gg that encourages player retention, and has large numbers of staff however, the karma system is a minor annoyance at best and something that can completely change the outcomes of fights and create unjustified bans at worst. While disabling karma could potentially open the door to players ruining the game (particularly when staff aren't on), there is already an autoban for killing too many teammates, making karma almost completely unnecessary. And even then, player complaints can be made, and staff can be called with relative ease. You don't get punished by staff for crossfire or self-defense, so why should karma punish you? TLDR: disable karma for everyone Please let me know why you agree/disagree in replies.
  10. In-Game Name of Offender: Quasi moat.gg SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:148158001 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft EU #2 Date of Incident: 07/04/2019 Report Reason: Votekick Abuse What Happened: Killed Quasi since I had DNA on him, and also killed an innocent since they shot me (without giving me a chance to ID). Quasi then immidiately votekicked me for "Purposeful mass RDM". No staff called, and also called it mid round Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: None Witnesses: Jamsy Hexi moat.gg The Flounder Rome PUG Toga splashbond R4PIDROOSTER TMPEP Nexur Jammy! (SRB) Dewri moat.gg Amir Evidence: - People on at the time Also attached a screenshot of the logs right before I was kicked that someone thankfully DM'd me on discord with. Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  11. ???? i have used dragonborn and have had it been used on me, they dont go flying unless you're underneath them, or there's some sort of ramp behind them, most of the time it will just throw me a few feet back since we're both on the same level see images
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