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  1. this ♥♥♥♥ go retarded
  2. this exact same suggestion got denied like a year ago delete this 🙂
  3. @ICEwallowpis -moat.gg- Could you provide the deathscene of this possibly? the detective just recently killing someone could possibly change the outcome of this.
  4. Based on the evidence provided, both in this complaint as well as from other sources, it is apparent to me that this player killed you off of sus/sound. Since he is newer and has a clean record, I will be slaying him 1 time for accidental rdm (do not kos off of sound/sus) Thank you for making this report. Locked and archived.
  5. Due to evidence provided, this player will be banned for purposeful rdm. Thank you for making this complaint. Locked and moved.
  6. After speaking with the other player of this trade, it shows that neither one of you knew the price of what you were trading, or attempted to get them pc'ed. This was NOT a scam, before trading items in the future please try to get items pc'ed to avoid more situations like this. Thank you for making this report however. Closed and archived.
  7. This player not having textures does not break any rules. The only problem is if they were to use any information gained through missing the textures, such as kos'ing off of model or location due to them missing. Due to this, I will be closing this complaint. Locked and archived. Thank you for making this still.
  8. This player has already been banned for this instance after he left the server. Thank you for making this still. Locked and archived.
  9. Based on evidence I have been provided, it appears this player has kos’ed off of gun type. This is against the rules, but since he is a newer player, he will receive 1 slay for accidental rdm(kos off of gun model). Locked and archived.
  10. Based on evidenced provided, this player has purp rdm’ed 2 times as well as accidental rdm’ed 2 times. This player will be banned for 2 days for purp rdmx2 (1st offence) He will also receive 2 slays for kos off of sus as well as not letting the player who killed a traitor id. Thank you for making this. Locked and moved.
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