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  1. I assume we aren't taking into account all the times I OwO'd people on moat discord? Probably just having small RDM cults formed to RDM me by friends. Bush Gremlin#1778
  2. Agent A no ;-; Bush Gremlin#1778 why dad 😧
  3. I still think that 2-3 would be too low, anyone who participates has a chance to drop a asc/cosmic(Last i played it with moat) Which is a bit OOF. However if it was made so only top dmg or dragon win has a chance to drop a cosmic making it cost 7-10 would make more sense. If EC are 15k to buy and have someone use then 3 would be 45k, 45k for a cosmic is a bit hmmm.
  4. Ight dad, I never win these so let’s dream Bush Gremlin#1778
  5. I want to agree even though Ik my mac10 will be stuck with what it is and rerolling it would be nice. Most events(other than christmas) Are all extincts. The valentines event had a lot of Broken guns and I agree having them keep dropping is flooding the market with a certain type of gun and it's running a bit rampant. I agree with taking them out of the drop pool. It's fair, you can't really end round christmas guns(Unless I'm just stupid) I personally don't think changing them to extinct will be a huge change as it doesnt really with christmas guns. What really matters is how common they are and the fact that they keep dropping. Once they aren't in rotation they'll become less relevant and die down a bit.
  6. In all fairness, I Agree with Bob here. I've played here for years and the staffing is bad to the point that the current meme is "RDM Who cares the staff are never on anyway kek." It's actually terrible, I love seeing revenge rdm get ignored when a new player joins and when I ask staff they brush it off(Yes I had the new player make a report, Yes I knew it was revenge. It was obvious but the staff regardless of my constant Messages in staff chat did nothing.) In the total time I've returned there have been such a lack of staff it's actually just a meme. I would re-apply but I disagree with the hateful conduct rule being reversed and wont staff on a server where I can't say ♥♥♥♥ in the discord because it gets auto deleted but I can join a server and be called the N word. Quality Times. Also with over 50 staff it's hard to say you're under staffed. There needs to be someone to keep current staff in order and doing their jobs and not just what they want or think they should be doing. Staff need trained and punished.
  7. In-Game Name of Offender: Giorno Giovanna SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:60843144 Which server was this on?: TTT #8 Date of Incident: 08/16/2019 Report Reason: Mass RDM What Happened: So me and a couple of friends were sitting behind a door he was holding up enjoying life. For whatever reason he didn't like it and as an innocent RDM'D the detective(Being potato) We told him with out warning us and so on it was purp rdm and we figured he would learn. He then proceeded to do it a few rounds later and killed 3 of us even tho we let people in if they asked. Then called us some mean words and a staff joined gave the warning and he left. We quickly Screenshotted the damage logs. He came back next map saying it wasn't us. When the staff looked into it he claimed he accidentally killed us with a frag grenade and we were all in discord or teamspeak following him around. Which ofc wasn't true we just wanted to hold our door up. we apparently followed him around rdming but as youll see in the screenshots we never hurt him it was just a brutal mass rdm by his part. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: None Witnesses: Stevenfinite Evidence: I dont have screenshots of the first purp rdm but heres 3 in one round. Nor do I have video of the Hateful conduct. D Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  8. I know moat can only handle them, I know senior+ can accept or deny them. What I was suggesting was moat needs to find someone who he trust(if possible) and set it so they can do comp tickets. Even if it is just them running a command or something. There has to be a way because at this point when people say should I make a comp ticket it's actually laughed at because of how little they are done. I know moat doesn't care about possessions and ♥♥♥ I get that but when you're running a game that's economy based and has bugs and such and people lose things to this bug then I think it's fair to get compensation. The fact that I've had one since december of last year or early this year is beyond crazy. For me yea id like my comp ticket, but it is more about pride now and actually getting it. There has to be a way for moat to make it so HA can run a command that would give X player X ic or X item. For trust I get it's hard but malk is now community lead as is Leo. I've been in the community for three years and Ik it can't be enjoyable but there has to be someone that can do it while supervised by someone at first or something then be able to do it alone. The fact they never get done is beyond stupid, if moat doesn't want to do them just delete the compensation area of moat because it is beyond a joke right now. It's laughed at, people brag about how long its been since they've made theirs and not seen compensation. Moat just said he did them, Thanks Moat ❤️ Didn't get my 300k tho
  9. +1 more guns are only a good thing and an old style gun like this would be pretty pog
  10. Mac10s and p90s one tap head 🤔 also as long as the base dmg isn’t high enough to make them one tap I don’t see why not
  11. my mac is lvl 150 what about lvl 200
  12. Yea but with copycats everyone goes for revolvers or deagles or snipers because if you kill someone and get a mac10s fire rate you suddenly have a mac10 that 1 taps, this wouldn't be like that if you had a secondary and a primary with this you could get a deagle or revolver or 2 aks or even throw in like golden deagles or something. I kindve would also like a talent that would be like wildcard but instead of just getting random talents it had a chance to do any talent that procs, so youd have a like 10% to do a random proc talent(inferno,tesla,contagious,pred,leech, ect)
  13. So I had the idea of making a talent similar to WildCard, So wildcard you get random talents all 3 tiers but I thought of a tier 1 talent that would instead of giving a random talent you got a random gun every round.
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